Zuleikha's Students’ Council Report


Your Students' Union President Zuleikha has been working hard on her manifesto and COVID response throughout term. This report details her recent update to the Students' Council. Check out her recent focus points below:

Financial Support

• OfS COVID-19 Hardship Fund - goes to those students that need the support the most. Collecting student feedback on the application form and suggesting improvements to the <i> e.g. addressed the neccessity of having Blackbullion at the top of the list on an email bounce-back as key additional support when applying for hardship & to prioritise mental health and wellbeing. Currently seeking more insight into international student hardship to inform eligibility criteria for the fund.
• The Cost of COVID campaign –Understand additional expense students have incurred on their course due to lack of resources/equipment. 20 forms submitted. Relaying information back to Vice-Chancellor’s Group. https://www.uclansu.co.uk/news/article/6013/The-Cost-of-COVID/
• Private Accommodation Toolkit – Support students with template letters to lobby their local MP and landlord https://www.uclansu.co.uk/news/article/6013/Private-Accommodation-Toolkit/ & Accommodation Q&A Panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY5DaJBG_uY&feature=youtu.be
• Lobbying for Financial Support Text Messaging Service/CRM system & related software – Meeting with the <i> and UCLan’s finance team to look at collecting financial information from students at the time of enrolment (and for students to regularly update MyUCLan) to then send push notifications to students who are eligible for certain bursaries or have outstanding fees to let them know they can pay in instalments and to not be afraid of seeking help if falling behind on payments for whatever reason.


• UCLan’s Diversity eMentoring Programme - UCLan’s Diversity eMentoring Programme - progressing well with over 15 students across 3 Schools (Business, Psychology and Computer Science) selected. Mentor and Mentee pairing on 1st March. https://www.uclansu.co.uk/news/article/6013/Diversity-eMentoring-Programme/
Thursday 11th February 2021
• UCLan SU Volunteer Development Programme - Involved in shaping UCLan SU Volunteer Development Programme 2021. Delivered a session on Networking and LinkedIn. Another session running next week. Sign up here https://uclanempower.native.fm/
• UCLan Careers - Meet with UCLan Careers regularly to see how the service can continue to increase engagement with all students and planning on how final year students can be supported upon graduation.
Bring the SU to You
• Officer Instagram - @uclansu_officers – 443 followers
• President Instagram - @zuleikhachikh – 433 followers
• New Officer Pages - https://www.uclansu.co.uk/representation/electedofficers/
• Great engagement on stories, polls etc.
• Officer Live – every Wednesday 4pm has been important to keep listening and acting on students’ concerns. Teams code – 8n9rxjg
Halal Food on Campus (accommodating dietary requirements)
• Presented to UCLan’s catering consultant before Christmas with UCLan Imam and Operations Manager at UCLan SU on what our students are asking for regarding the halal food on campus campaign. Presentation was well received with consultant having experience working with stakeholders at a campus in London implementing halal food. Will be following up with consultant to see next steps at how UCLan go secure authentic HMC certification.
• Collecting students’ views on what food offer they want to see in the SU going forward.


• Digital 9k 4 what Rally – Wednesday 3rd February 2021. Watch back here - https://fb.watch/3xad4KVYJd/
• Involved with Graduation planning for July 2021 onwards
• Raising student issues working with Elected Officers and concerns as they come through in COVID Recovery meetings 3 times a week with the University – lanyard and mask exemption, student hardship and teaching and learning.
Thursday 11th February 2021

What I am working on in the next few months in line with my manifesto and COVID response:

• Helping shape the SU Strategy Union Plan https://www.uclansu.co.uk/news/article/6013/Our-NEW-Union-Plan/
• Q&A end of February with UCLan’s Vice-Chancellor putting forward your most pressing questions. To be uploaded to YouTube.
• Working on a campaign with International Student Rep, UCLan Security, UCLan Wellbeing and local Police to raise awareness of cybercrime, online harassment and rights and responsibilities.
• Review findings from December’s Student Hardship Survey and Cost of Covid campaign to formulate a plan of action to address specific needs of students in hardship.
• Ensure the University allow final years to come back to campus and access facilities in person and online that they have missed out on during the pandemic. Ensure they are well supported by working closely with UCLan Careers and employers in the community to provide internships.
• Meet regularly with Presidents across the country to formulate national campaigns to lobby the Government on Student Fees. More action to come regarding international student fees.


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