Students' Council

Students' Council

Your Students’ Council is made up of voluntary, elected Student Reps and your Full Time Elected Officers. Every member of the Students’ Council represents the views of a different community at UCLan, and are elected by students, for students every year.

Council Members represent your views and debate constructively on key issues at meetings. They also check that your Full Time Elected Officers are keeping standards high across the Students’ Union!

Students’ Council votes on Union policy (submitted through Your Big Ideas) and ensures that existing policies are put into action. Each Big Idea approved by the Council, is then Union policy which lasts three years.

Elections to become a member of your Students’ Council take place in March for the following year.

The Council meets three times a year, and everyone is welcome. If you’re not a member of the Students’ Council and you’d like to attend, or you’d like to find out more about how to become a member of the Council, get in touch at


Liberation & Section Reps

Your Students’ Union has a team of seven Liberation and seven Section Representatives:

Liberation Reps

  • Women Students’ Representative
  • Black Students’ Representative
  • Asian Students' Representative
  • Arab Students' Representative
  • Disabled Students’ Representative
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (LGB) Students’ Representative
  • Trans* Students’ Representative

These Student Reps sit on Students’ Council to make sure that the voices of students who are typically marginalised are heard. They voice any concerns or issues of students from their dedicated communities at Council meetings.

Section Reps

  • Care Experience Students' Representative
  • International Students’ Representative
  • Postgraduate Students’ Representative
  • Ethics & Environment Representative
  • Men Students’ Representative
  • Burnley Students' Representative
  • Westlakes Students' Representative
  • Chair of Council

The International, Postgraduate, Care Experienced, Burnley, Westlakes and Men’s Reps sit on Students’ Council to make sure that the voices of students from these communities are represented.

The Ethics & Environment Rep sees that the Students’ Union and University are working in a sustainable and ethical way, and the Chair of Students’ Council oversees Students’ Council democratic processes and Chairs the meetings.

Fancy getting involved with Students’ Council? You can nominate yourself to become a Rep next year when the Students’ Union Elections happen, or email us at to find out more.

Role Name Email Address
Council Chair

Zharah Riyas


Luke Fitzgerald

VP Education

Charlotte Lastoweckyi

VP Welfare

Joseph Bigland

VP Activities

Sophie Barratt

Black Students Representative

Christal Nadieka Mattis

Arab Students Representative

Abdulbasit Abdulhamid Alshiqlaf

Asian Students Representative

Manya Raj

Burnley Representative

Lara Metcalfe

Transgender Students Representative

Avery Greatorex

Representative of Students with Disabilities

Rainbow Mbuangi

LGB Students Representative

Micky Powell

Women Students Representative

Ashleigh Wolstenholme

Men Students Representative

Dare Abraham Omofayokun

International Students Representative

XuanYi Du

Representative of Care Experienced students

Jodie Roberts

Environment and Ethics Representative

Sujith Thomas Philip

School President Business

Valli Sundar




School President Medicine and Dentistry

Aman Sahoo

School President Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Prathamm Santosh Surana

School President Engineering and Computing

Kabir Onusagba Abdulwahab

School President Psychology and Humanities

Alethea Parkinson

School President Arts and Media

Harley Keasey

School of Law and Policing

John Corbett

School President Health,Social Work, & Sport

Cat Holmes

Open Council

Niranjan Rajesh

Open Council

Sruthi Venkatraj srividya

Open Council

Haydar Al Nageim Manya Raj

Open Council

Hannah Kelly

Open Council

Manya Raj

Societies Development Committee Faith



Societies Development Committee Creative



Societies Development Committee Political and Campaigning



Sports Development Committee Indoor Sports



Sports Development Committee Indoor Sports



Sports Development Committee Field Sports

Katie Singleton

Sports Development Committee Field Sports

Stanley Wilson

International Socieites Representative

Pavneet Singh Saluja


Key Docs

Agendas & Minutes











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