Academic Representation

Academic Representation

Our Academic Reps are our ‘ear to the ground’ when it comes to knowing what is on students’ minds. They enable students to be included in academic decisions made at UCLan and create positive change on your course. Academic Reps are nominated and voted for each year by students, for students in our Elections and play an important role in shaping the university experience for students at UCLan.


Course Reps

Course Reps promote partnership and collaboration between staff and students. They represent the views of students on their course and enable the student voice to be included in academic decisions at UCLan through Student Feedback Review meetings. Course Reps give students the power to influence change on their courses and in the University.


School Presidents

School Presidents are the senior level student representation to voice the opinions of students within each school at UCLan. They gain feedback from students and work in partnership with school senior management to create positive change on a school level.

Fancy being a Course Rep or School President next year? We’ll keep you posted as to when nominations will open in Spring.

To view a list of your current School Presidents go to our Students' Council Page and click on the Contact Your Students' Council members dropdown.

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Post-Graduate Support

Every year we welcome over 1,000 Post-Graduate students to UCLan. Whether you are continuing your studies or returning to University after time away, you’re still one of us!

We elect a Post-Graduate Rep to our Students’ Council who ensures your voice is heard and that you can have your say in representing your views to the University. 

We’re also involved in a Post-Graduate Student Experience steering group and we’re keen to get students like you involved so that both the Students’ Union and the University are doing right by you.

We want to better understand your University experience and how your Students’ Union could work for you. If you have any feedback or want to chat about things we should be working on, get in touch at


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