Hate Crime Reporting


Your Students’ Union Advice Centre is a third-party reporting centre for hate crime. This means our advisors are trained to support you in reporting any hate crimes or incidents that happen to you or that you witness. This also includes any form of online harassment.

We want our students to feel safe regardless of their Disability, Race or ethnicity, Religion or belief, Sexual orientation or Gender Identity. Should you ever fall victim to a hate crime, hate incident or microaggression, it’s important you know that you can confidentially report it to us.


We will always take a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment and hate crime. We will always promote diversity, inclusivity and unity here at UCLan and we want students to work together for a shared goal, which is to promote and adhere to respecting each other, despite our differences.


We want students to:

  • Feel able to challenge any discrimination or harassment they may encounter
  • Feel comfortable coming forward to report incidents
  • Feel supported by their Union and the University by dealing with reports effectively
  • Be open-minded and treat others with fairness and respect, regardless of their background
  • Always consider how our behaviour can impact others


Click here for more information about hate crimes and incidents or contact us directly at reporthatecrime@uclan.ac.uk.


What happens when I report a hate crime/ incident?

Our staff will support you in making a report to the police or an anonymous report - it is completely your choice. Anything you tell us will remain strictly confidential.

You can report by completing the online reporting form or emailing us at reporthatecrime@uclan.ac.uk any time for support or to make a report.


I witnessed a hate crime/ incident, can I still report it?
Yes of course- we would encourage anyone who witnesses a hate crime or incident to report it to us at reporthatecrime@uclan.ac.uk.


Why should I report it?

Hate crimes and incidents are massively underreported for a number of reasons. This means the police and other relevant bodies don’t currently have an accurate picture of what peoples’ experiences of hate crimes are.

As a Union, we are committed to raising awareness of what hate crimes and incidents are and how to report them so that all our students and staff feel welcome and supported on campus.

Hate Crime Reporting Form

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