The Cost of COVID

2 min read How have you been impacted financially?

Photo of a piggy bank with a mask

Has the COVID pandemic impacted you financially? Tell us how!

We’re putting together a campaign to understand how students have been impacted by COVID-19. We’ve heard from some students that they have had to buy a number of resources, specialist equipment etc. that would have otherwise been covered in £9k tuition fees.

Zuleikha, Students' Union President said: "It's one of the Union's priorities to focus on student hardship and we want to know what additional costs you have incurred to help you get on with your education. The Cost of COVID campaign will help us understand how much students have spent on equipment and resources as part of their course and ensure the University are aware of the Hidden Costs of Covid".

Please fill in the following form with as much detail as possible so we can make the University aware of the expenses you have incurred in the pandemic and how they can best support you moving forward so that you can achieve the learning outcomes for your course.


Please note, this is not for reimbursement, but so the Students’ Union can better understand the financial impact of COVID on students' education.

If you require equipment to complete practical elements of your course/assessment, please contact your Course Leader for further guidance.


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