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Welcome to the home of video games at UCLan!

We're a place for anyone who enjoys video games; whether you're a casual gamer, competitive player, or just want to reminisce about the classics, everyone is welcome here!
We place great emphasis on the importance of accessibility and inclusion in gaming. Read about our plans to make this happen below!


Our main source of communication in our society is in our Discord server, which you can join by completing our access form and joining the server at the below links. Please note you must do both and be signed up as a society member before we can grant full access to our Discord community.

The society also has an Instagram and TikTok page, that will be updated reguarly to keep members updated on events. The links to these pages can be found below

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Discord Link:

For those who are new to Discord, you can view an introduction pack here (
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  • Regular events hosted at Belong
  • Events hosted online over Discord
  • Hiring function rooms at bars to host a relaxing meetup

Belong is located in the St George's Shopping Centre, on the Preston Highstreet. Committee members will be avalable to meet in a central loaction to take people if they are unsure


After the start of the academic year, we will be looking at creating E-Sports teams for a variety of different games such as Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, Rocket league and much more! These events wil be hosted in partnership with Belong which will provide participants the chance to advance to higher levels of competition such as regionals. We as a committee wish all competitors the very best of luck in their quest to be th very best, like no one ever was!!

Accessibility & Inclusion

We strive to ensure all of our society events and activities are accessible and inclusive to as many of our members as possible. All of our event listings will include an accessibility section detailing venue accessibility*. Furthermore, this year we will be working closely with local and national resources to see how we as a society can provide more for the avid gamer in everyone, from finding accessible controller systems to building a community-based list of games that meet differing accessible needs. We need all the help we can get, and those who are already playing games are the perfect source of information!

*DISCLAIMER- Although we will try to make all events as inclusive as possible, there may be some times when events cannot accomodate everyone.We as a committee thank you for your understanding and apologise in advance.

GDPR Information

To ensure the safety of everyone in our society, it's important that we keep track of who everyone is and verify your student and society member status.
For this reason we ask for some basic information, such as your student registration information and discord user. We also ask some optional questions that, if applicable, can help us ensure your safety and comfort when engaging with the society, such as how you prefer to be addressed, and information about any disability or health condition it may be helpful for us to account for in our health & safety planning.
Your data will only be used for the relevant purposes, and will not be shared with any third party unless deemed absolutely necessary or with your consent.
Your information, if you consent, will be stored on a private document until 1/8/24.
As per GDPR we require explicit consent to be able to store and use the information you provide. You can provide consent by answering "yes" to the relevant question on our Discord server access form. You have the right to have your information removed from the records at any time by emailing us (
If we do not have your consent, unfortunately, you will not be allowed full access to our Discord server. If you withdraw your consent at any time, you will lose access to the Discord server.

Discord Access is not mandatory to be a member, though you will be missing out on most of our communication, events planning, and general chatter!

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