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Elections 2024 Graphic

Elections 2024 - Candidate Announcement

Find out who'll be campaigning for your votes in the upcoming Election!


The University want to change their name, do you agree? Have your say here

As students, you have the right to voice your opinions on the proposed name change, the OfS are hosting an online survey that you can take part in to determine whether the proposed name is, or has the potential to be, confusing or misleading

calling all creatives art brief

Calling all student creatives!

Trigger Warning:  Consent & Sexual Assault - We are planning a campaign that will shine a light on the importance of consent at UCLan. This campaign will use artwork made by students to illustrate issues that sadly affect students far more than other groups

Trans Rep Avery speaking at Pride 2023

Your Gender Rollercoaster at University

A student blog written by your Trans* Rep, Avery about the trials transgender students face whilst at university and how you can help on their journey

Pride flags in LampWorks

Your Pride Journey at University

A student blog written by your LGB Rep, Micky about LGBT History Month and finding yourself at University

Elections 2024 Graphic

Elections 2024 - Candidate Announcement

Find out who'll be campaigning for your votes in the upcoming Election!

Elected officers team outside the SU building

Race Equality Charter Focus Group

A race equality update and chance to get £20 Love2Shop voucher.
Survey results, focus groups and support available to you!

Students at freshers fair

Student Volunteer Week

An article written by your SU Volunteering Coordinator about Student Volunteer Week, what's going on and how to get involved! SVW runs February 5th - 9th

nominations are now open elections 2024

Stand in this years Elections!

A student blog written by 2nd year Musical Theatre Student, Lily, on why YOU should stand in elections and what the benefits are!


Holocaust Memorial Day

A Student Blog written by Emily Mocton, a member of the Jewish Society

January Welcome

January Welcome

We're so excited to welcome you to campus - check out what we've got planned for you during January Welcome, along with some helpful tips to get you started with life as a university student!

image of student, Aman, in medical scrubs

A Day in the Life of A Medical Student

A blog written by third year medical student, Aman Sahoo, describing their typical day, along with notes about their current campaigns involving campaigning for a between campus shuttle bus and campaigning for extended library hours

students at Burnley Welcome event

Women's Book Club

That's What She Said - A book club hosted by your Women's Representative, Ash Wolstenholme.
This months book - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Freshers fair outside St Peters Square

Volunteering Projects for the New Year

Looking for something new in your new year? We have several volunteering projects for you to get in involved in! Our projects are a great way to develop new skills and meet other students

2023 Officers in student centre - Joe, Luke, Charlotte, Sophie

Race Equality Charter

We're working with the University and encouraging all students to share their experiences and take part in the Race Equality Charter Survey. We want to know where you feel things are working and where improvements need to be made around UCLan

VP Education Charlotte

A Change for Mitigating Circumstances

An article written by your VP Education, Charlotte, regarding the current procedure surrounding Mitigating Circumstances and a push for change

outside of SU building with "Hello" banner

Broadening Horizons - Disability History Month

As part of our continued journey to become a more liberated, welcoming and empowering SU for all, our staff have put together a collection of literature, art, films and shows that showcase the talent and diversity of our Disabled Community to celebrate and recognise Disability History Month

thanks for voting

By-Elections November 2023: Results

This year’s By-Elections are now over! Thank you to all our candidates and to all the students who voted. Find the results for each of the elections here!

orange background with text "vote now"

By-Elections November: Candidate Announcement

Voting will be taking place from 9am on Monday 27th November to 3pm on Tuesday 28th November  on our website here. This is your chance to have your say so don’t miss out!

two students attending the Burnley Big Hello

International Men's Day

A blog centred around men’s health and a personal story written by your Men’s Rep, Omofayokun Dare Abraham

societies fair 2022

Disability History Month

Information about Disability History Month along with events, resources and services available to you!

Interfaith Week

Interfaith Week takes place from 12 - 19 November every year and aims to unite communities of religious and non-religious beliefs and raise awareness of the rich diversity of faith communities across the UK. Read more about support and services available to you whilst at UCLan

outside banner SU building

It's time for a Students' Council meeting!

Find out more about the first Students' Council meeting of the year taking place on Thursday November 16th

students at freshers fair

Big Ideas are Back in Business

Do you want to make a change on campus? Do you have an Idea about how to make the Union, University or the wider community better for students? Well, YOU CAN! We are back and ready to see your BIGGER and BETTER ideas.

students at freshers fair 2023

Towards an enriched campus: the power of language - A blog on Islamophobia

A blog Written by Third Year, English Language Student, Nurunnahar Sultana on her experiences and achievements as a Muslim university student.

students at thrift fair

The Great Donate Freshers’ Week Success

The Students’ Union has had a lot of demand for the Great Donate to return, and we can confirm that we will be continuing to collect donations throughout Semester 1, with the intention of re-opening the Great Donate in January as part of our Refreshers’ plans for new and returning students.

students at freshers fair 2023

Being Care Experienced at University

A blog written by your Care Experience Rep, Jodie Roberts, expanding on her current Big Idea submission “UCLAN to support Care Leavers and Care Experienced Students by expressing an interest in signing the NNECL Quality Mark”

ISOC receiving award at Union Awards

Islamophobia Awareness Month

November marks Islamophobia Awareness month. A month to recognise and celebrate the positive contributions of Muslims and raise awareness of how prevalent Islamophobia has become in society. Read more about Islamophobia and how you can take part in the conversation and be part of the solution of challenging the narrative

ACS Society at societies fair

Broadening Horizons - Black History Month

As part of our continued journey to become a more liberated, welcoming and empowering SU for all, our staff have put together a collection of literature, art, films, shows and musicians that showcase the heritage, talent and diversity of the Black Community to celebrate and recognise Black History Month

Image of outside of Preston SU building, zooming in on "Hello" banner hanging from side of the build

Safe Protesting Guidelines and Tips according to UK Law

We understand that given the current humanitarian crisis in Palestine and Israel, some of our students will be involved in numerous forms of activism, from physical protests, sharing information online and writing to party leaders.
When taking to the streets to protest or sharing information online, it’s important to be aware of UK Law and guidelines.
We’ve put together some helpful tips to activism and guidelines for protesting.

students at society fair

Broadening Horizons - East Asian Heritage Month

As part of our continued journey to become a more liberated, welcoming and empowering SU for all, our staff have put together a collection of literature, art, films, shows and musicians that showcase the heritage, talent and diversity of East and South East Asia to celebrate East and South East Asian Heritage Month

Photo of the Students' Union building

Support for Our Community - A Joint Statement

Our thoughts are with the entire student and wider community who continue to be affected by the violence and loss of life in Israel and Gaza over the last week.

2023 Elected Officers on steps outside back of SU building

Hate Crime Awareness Week

This week is national Hate Crime Awareness Week,  a week to encourage those who are victims of hate crimes to report the discrimination they face, a week to educate and campaign to stop all forms of hate crimes going forward, a week to empower communities affected by hate crimes and a week to improve operational responses to hate crime.

Presidents Joe and Luke with Trans* Rep Avery as Preston Pride

Preferred Name Campaign

This year, your Trans* rep, Avery is campaigning to the University on their “preferred name policy”. Avery is campaigning for the University to make a change and allow students to have their chosen identity and name fully recognised across the board.
She has written a piece on her campaign, detailing her aims and providing context behind her campaign as to why using a persons preferred name matters

outside of SU building with "Hello" banner and "find your community" window sticker

International Students Fee Updated Deadline

International Students enrolling for the new academic year will receive email communication from the University clarifying outstanding tuition fee payments and the updated process.

Over the last week, the Elected Officers of the Students’ Union received  feedback from international students who were struggling to meet the original deadline set to pay the remaining 50% of their tuition. The Officers took this feedback directly to the Vice Chancellor's Group of the University.

Ban Conversion Therapy image

Banning Trans Conversion Therapy in the UK: A Call to Action for University Students

Avery is the Trans Students' Rep on the Students' Council and has written a blog about why we need to ban conversion therapy.

Officers sat in student centre - Joe, Sophie, Charlotte, Luke

Additional Strike Info - Sep 2023

What does the strike mean for me and why is it relevant?

Officers sat in student centre - Joe, Sophie, Charlotte, Luke

Officer Statement - September Strike Action

We understand that there have been recent announcements regarding potential strike action by UCU during Freshers' Week. While strike action can be disruptive, we believe that it is essential to respect the rights and concerns of both our academic staff and students. Rest assured that we are actively engaged in discussions with the University to minimise any adverse and long-term effects on your education

students at Burnley freshers event

A New Year at UCLan Students' Union!

September is upon us again, meaning that the countdown to Freshers is on! 
Our new Social Media Assistant, Lily, gives you her 5 top tips on how to make the most out of your time with us!

candid photo of students and staff on st Peter's square craft and food fair

The only way is UP – for Student Voice in NSS

The Students’ Union is celebrating a particularly astounding year in terms of the response from final-year students in the National Students Survey (NSS) when it comes to how well students believe the Students’ Union represents students’ academic interests

two models showcasing aaminas print design on bandanas

Student Spotlight - Aamina Desai

This year, Textiles Graduate Aamina, won three awards for her final year project! She worked tirelessly across the year to produce pieces that connected her passion for textiles to her ancestral roots. Aamina created beautiful pieces of work that resulted in her collection “Homeland Reverie” and was featured in Graduate Fashion Week in London! - Such an amazing accomplishment! Have a look through her collection and some words written by Aamina herself

2023 Officer team, Charlotte, Sophie, Joe and Luke

Introducing Your 2023 Officer Team!

Introducing your 23/24 Officers! Say Hi to President Luke, VP Activities Sophie, VP Welfare Joe and VP Education Charlotte! Your officers are here to represent the views of YOU and ensure that you're getting the best academic and student experience whilst at studying here. The role of officers is to raise awareness of issues and campaign for change

Group of students sat around a table at the welcome bbq

Making Friends at University

Meeting new people - the thing we all want to do but simultaneously dread! Luckily that means you’re in the same boat as everybody else, wanting to mingle and meet new people but trying to overcome the nerves first. Your social life and the people you meet are a huge aspect of your University life and experience. Sounds overwhelming? - We know, but fret not freshers, we’ve got some top tips to help you meet your new group.

Students in marquee attending freshers fair

Being an International Student

Being an international student, travelling miles away from home and landing somewhere completely new is an adventure all on its own. It's the start of a new life and comes with highs and lows that not everyone can understand or relate to. One of our students had the opportunity to travel to America and study abroad for one year. Have a read of how she coped with being away from home, along with a few top tips to help in your first week!

Freshers 2023

Freshers 2023

We're so excited to welcome you to campus - check out what we've got planned for you!

students at society fair stall

Broadening Horizons - South Asian Heritage Month

As part of our continued journey to become a more liberated, welcoming and empowering SU for all, our staff have put together a collection of literature, art, films, shows and musicians that showcase the heritage, talent and diversity of South Asia to celebrate South Asian Heritage Month

Women's football team playing against Edge Hill team outside on the football field

School's Cup Relaunch

We’re getting ready to re-launch the School’s Cup this September and we want your help choosing which sports to play!

SU Logo

Advice Service Statement

Due to the high volume of enquiries, we will not be responding to any new enquiries until Monday 24th of July except the most urgent & time sensitive of cases

School of Nursing graphic

Happy 75th Birthday NHS!

On Wednesday 5th July, the NHS will turn 75 years old. The Students’ Union would like to take a moment to thank all the students, staff and alumni that have dedicated their time over the years to providing the best care possible to the millions of patients that access NHS services every day

School of nursing graphic

New ‘Men In Nursing’ Network

The Students’ Union are currently working with the School of Nursing to help provide a better sense of belonging and community for male identifying students studying a nursing course at UCLan

School of nursing graphic

UCLan Nursing Student Selected as Health Education England Ambassador

We would like to congratulate student nurse, Ajirioghene Akpoviri, for being selected as a student ambassador for Health Education England (HEE), representing healthcare students on a national scale!

Officers sat outdoors, Raham, Nikita and Nitam

Join Our Trustee Board

We want you to join our Trustee Board as we look to recruit 5 new voluntary Student Trustees! Student Trustees ensure that student feedback is listened to and that all the decisions the Board makes are in the best interests of students.

Pride Flag

Pride Month

Happy Pride Month!! This month and every month we stand and support everyone from the LGBTQ+ community

Every year, in June, Pride Month takes place as an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness for the experiences of those who identify as queer and part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Men's Health Week 2023

This week is Men’s Health Awareness week aiming to raise awareness of preventable health problems that disproportionately affect men and encourage them to gain the courage to tackle their issues. Our Summer Intern Jess has written a blog with some top tips on maintaining good health.

2022 Elected team, Nitam, Nikita, Katie, Raham, sat outdoors in conversation

We Loved Your Big Ideas

It has been wonderful seeing all your big ideas throughout this academic year. Thank you to all that submitted a Big Idea, we loved seeing every single one and no big idea goes unseen! Let’s recap a few…

Student volunteer stood outside freshers tent

The Great Donate

Every year when students leave, hundreds of perfectly good household items are thrown away and end up in landfill. Donate your goods to us and we can rehouse them!

Post it notes written by students about the changes they want to see surrounding mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week: Anxiety

This weeks marks UK Mental Health Awareness Week, and this years key focus and theme is Anxiety.
Anxiety is a normal emotion in us all, but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem

Students Harjeet and Manveer performing the violin

Union Awards 2023 Winners

Our annual Union Awards marked the end of our 2023 awards season! 
We had an amazing night celebrating all of your achievements from the past academic year, and would like to thank all of our students who dedicate their time to the Students' Union.

Student wellbeing and student staff at the 2022 Welcome BBQ

Graduate Opportunities

The University careers team are offering multiple graduate internships this summer along with a Graduate with Confidence Programme, for all graduating students, and in particular, students with a disclosed disability

sports ball

Sports Awards ’23 Shortlist

After a record number of nominations, the 2023 Sports Awards Shortlist is here! The award winners will be honoured at the ‘Sports Ball’ at Ribchester Hall on Friday 21st April

UCLan Win Varsity!

UCLan win their last two games against Edge Hill to reclaim the Varsity Trophy!

Awards displayed in big block letters with lights surrounded by gold and black balloon arch

Golden Roses Awards are here!

Watch out Hollywood, the real awards season is about to hit UCLan with the 14th Annual Golden Roses Student Lead Teaching Awards

Women's basketball team

My experience of being a part of sports at UCLan

Masters student, Sam, who currently plays for 5 of our sports teams writes about her experiences. "Putting on my UCLan kit and being on court knowing that I am representing my uni gives me a sense of pride and honour"

Thanks for voting

Elections 2023 Results

This year’s elections are now over! Thank you to all our candidates and to all the students who voted. Find the results for each of the elections here!

Varsity Sports Team with text of Varsity 2023

Who's Ready for Varsity '23

Dust off your kits and slap on the blue face paint because VARSITY IS BACK! This year, it’s back on home turf and we’re ready to win our trophy back.

Student Money Week Tips & Resources

The cost of living crisis is affecting lots of people in lots of different ways, and there has been a lot of news about the continued rise in energy bills, inflation, and the cost of living. Here are a few top tips and resources to help you get by

Students' Union themed Monopoly board with gold pig playing pieces

How I'm Coping With The Rising Cost of Living

Read how one of our students is coping with the current cost of living criss

students at freshers fair 2023

Towards an enriched campus: the power of language - A blog on Islamophobia

A blog Written by Third Year, English Language Student, Nurunnahar Sultana on her experiences and achievements as a Muslim university student.

Image of author

How the Students' Union Benefits Me as a Student

"I’m in my second year of studying at UCLan and I feel that I didn’t fully reap all of the benefits that I could have in my first year, so here’s a few things I have benefitted from in my second year and some of the other services available through the Students’ Union that may come in handy for the rest of my studies!"

Image of social media assistants

Top Tips For Surviving Winter At Uni

Well it’s hit December, meaning the weather is getting colder, and the temptation to stay snuggled up in bed gets more and more appealing. Here are some top tips to make sure you are prepared to study, have fun and enjoy the winter season here at UCLan!

Photo says 'Black History Month'

Black History Month, Time for Change: Action not Words

A piece written by Victoria Ibezim, PhD student.

Photo of the Students' Union building

A space to eat, drink and socialise

Opening Wednesday 14th September, 3pm!


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