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Medical research is integral to medicine and progress, forming the backbone of understanding pathology, diagnosis, and treatments. Research also plays a crucial role in career progression and success. Therefore, we aim to foster academic research within the student community via three ‘E’s: Educate, Establish, and Engage.



We feature sessions that cover relevant topics in research and offer workshops on research techniques and the publication process. Specifically, sessions on “What is an audit?” and “How do I write a systematic review?” will provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required in conducting research. In addition, we offer guidance for post-grad applications like the ‘Academic Foundation Program’ which incorporates research into foundation training for junior doctors. 



We intend to provide mentorship for students to establish networking opportunities and learn from academics and peers in the research field. 



We introduce, facilitate and promote internal (e.g. UCLan Undergraduate Research Internship Program (UURIP) and external research opportunities. Notably, we intend to offer avenues for research engagement as part of our society's vision. 


Our mission is to inspire and prepare a network of passionate students that contribute to ground-breaking research in their educational and professional careers at UCLan and beyond. 


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