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What is taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean striking martial art and is one of the most popular martial arts out there it combines kicks and punches to develop a fun, exciting and dynamic display that can be used to create artistic patterns to show technique or effectively used in competitive combat martial arts competition.

It involves:


  • Sparring (Fighting)
  • Patterns (Kata or Forms)
  • Self defence 
  • Fitness
  • Destruction (Board breaking)

And a lot of fun!


Who are we?

The core of our club's values are inclusivity and fun.

We strive to make our sessions as available to everyone as possible while still ensuring that we are a strong competitive martial arts club that provides the best environment for you to train in and improve.



Our external classes are run through Karen Keyhoe Tracey (4th Dan) and Preston taekwondo. –  https://www.prestontaekwondo.co.uk/


Training times

We train in the Sir Tom Finney sport centre twice a week for two hours


There will be a 'give-it-a-go' sessions (hosted from the Thu 3rd Oct - Tue 10th Oct) where anyone can come down and trial some taekwondo sessions and see if it's for you! 


Hours for our training sessions:

  • Tuesdays 8-10pm  | Sir Tom Finney sport centre | Blue studio
  • Thursday 8-10pm | Sir Tom Finney sport centre | Blue studio


Membership options



We run the club like a family but we socialise as friends.

We have after session trips to the pub to play pool and have fun as well as more organised bi-weekly socials and joint social events with other societies to give our members the opportunity to socialise with others and enjoy their time at university.

We also try to do a summer holiday once per year and host meals for after competitions and gradings to celebrate our clubs achievements


Competition results (2022)

We compete in both patterns and sparring and have been incredibly successful finishing 10th out of all the uk universities in attendance at the British University Taekwondo league in our first year.

This year we attended 4 competitions and our medal tally speaks for itself:

Student world championships

1 Gold, 4 Silver, 7 Bronze


British national championships

2 Gold, 3 Silver, 5 Bronze


Northern Open

3 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze


Heart of England UITF English championships

2 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze


Grading (Getting your belts)

As well as this we hold between 2-4 gradings per year to allow you to get your belts in taekwondo as your skills progress.

This year we had 68 individual gradings between 3 gradings and 68 passes with 22 A passes and 4 A+ passes.



We are affiliated to ITFU which is an ITF organisation however we do attend competitions that have WT divisions and are happy to accept WT practitioners into the club (You would just have to grade ITF if you wanted to get belts with us).

We are directly affiliated with Preston Taekwondo who do our gradings for us and run seminars and extra external sessions.



UCLan Sports Awards


  • Most improved club - Winner
  • Club coach of the year - Winner
  • Sports club of the year – shortlisted


  • Sports club of the Year - Winner
  • Sports team of the Year - shortlisted
  • Red Rose Performance - Winner
  • Red Rose Service Award - Winner
  • Club Colours - Winner (x3)


National Student Taekwondo Awards


  • Most improved club – Winner
  • Instructor of the year – Winner
  • Indomitable team – shortlisted
  • Newcomer of the year – shortlisted (Twice)
  • Competitor of the year female – shortlisted
  • Competitor of the year male – shortlisted
  • Team of the year – shortlisted


  • Indomitable team – shortlisted
  • Club of the year - shortlisted
  • Instructor of the year – shortlisted (Twice)
  • Newcomer of the year – shortlisted 
  • Competitor of the year female – shortlisted
  • Competitor of the year male – shortlisted
  • Event of the year - shortlisted



You don't require a Dobok (Uniform) to train with us and if you have your own we are happy for you to train and continue to wear that one.

You will only need to buy a dobok if you intend to grade or compete with us.

Our uniforms are of a high quality and should last your whole time at uni (Unless you outgrow it) and as we purchase them via a wholesale account they only cost you £35 rather than the normal £70 for a mightyfist dobok with our club logo

Alternative plain doboks can be purchased for £20-25 by request but are lower quality. 

We also have a range of club t-shirts, hoodies and jackets available for our members.



Please feel free to contact the following people with any questions you have



We post all our training and other important information in our discord channel. 

If you want to join our discord community, please contact a member of the committee after purchasing a membership. 😊


Additional Training times

We have additional classes available to our members through Preston Taekwondo (These are not university only classes with an additional cost of £4.50 per external session - First two free)

  • MONDAY 6:30-7:30pm | Ashton Methodist Church - PR2 1BU | Mixed Ages and Abilities
  • TUESDAY 3:30-4:30pm | Saint Anthony's School - PR2 3SQ | Mixed Ages and Abilities
  • WEDNESDAY  7-8:30pm | Fulwood and Cadley School PR23QT | All Welcome
  • SATURDAYS 10:30-11:30am | Fulwood and Cadley School PR2 3QT | Beginners and mixed class 

Committee Members

Social Secretary

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