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Pulse Media is the official media platform of UCLAN SU, run by students, for students..

As of 2020, Pulse operates as 3 combine platforms- TV, Radio and Writing. No matter what you intrest or skill set Pulse Media has something for everyone- whether that's a hard hitting news peice, a chatty radio show or wriyting short stories- we will make sure that we publish the content that you want to see.

Want to get involved as a volunteer?

Being involved in student media gives a unique insight into working in newspaper, TV, or radio. If you are thinking of a career in any of these areas, student media gives you great experience that you can show off on your CV. Many producers, journalists, presenters, writers and technicians started off their careers in student media. Now they work for the BBC, ITV, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Sky and many more media outlets.

Pulse Media isn’t only open to those looking for a career in media. If you have just a general interest in media, you are looking for a way to make your CV stand out with some unique skills, or you are looking to make new friends at uni, there’s a place for you here as a member of The Pulse Crew.

Email us at: pulsemedia@uclan.ac.uk

Check out some of our recent content on our platforms now:

Pulse TV: https://www.youtube.com/pulsemdiauclan

Pulse Radio and Creative writing: https://www.pulsemedia-online.co.uk/


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