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Welcome to the lawnmower society, the only society that dares to be different! We're a very laid back and chill society helping people make friends and meme, allowing people to be themselves and explore what's on offer at uni. 

Why should you join us?

  1. We have been endorsed by Max Fosh and Rishi Sunak (no seriously, we have the emails to prove this)
  2. Aim to have joint socials with other societies
  3. I get to put this on my CV please join

"Yeah i've played chess but have you ever seen a lobster on a lawnmower?" - Terry

"It is now more than ever that we need lawnmower societies on University campuses. Lawnmower Soc is providing that incredible service. As they always say, keep your grass trimmed and life full to the brim (med)." - Max Fosh


(Terry at Masterchef Canada Season 2 teaching contestants the importance of cutting techniques, 2014)

We aim to have a ton of events that other societies dare not dream of. Some of the events we're planning on hosting this semester:

  • Baby's first pub crawl (I'm basically a pub Wikipedia because I'm an alcoholic) 
  • Day out at Sandcastle water park
  • Wattpad erotica
  • Kahoot marathon
  • Cuddling with guide dogs (for charity)
  • A formal Wii party
  • A trip to the farm to worship a vintage lawnmower
  • Visiting the Lawnmower museum in Southport
  • We have also turned to gambling to fund our society, frequent bingo seshes. Bants with the elderly

We also take ideas from our members to come up with the best society events, so if you have an idea let us know. Aka this is me begging. I don't have that much creativity  

Some of our members head to the Northern Way every Wednesday after our socials so feel free to harass us and show off your lawnmower ID. 

Please just join us though. We need attention. New brains to exploit our society. 

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