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The purpose of this society is for skateboarders to be able to connect with other skaters when they move to Preston to study. Additionally, our purpose is to promote the health benefits involved with skateboarding and create a skateboarding community within UCLan. For the first time this year, skateboarding will be in the Olympics as an official sport. We believe it is important we can represent it as a society within UCLan.

By the end of the first year, we would like to have built a community of skateboarders within UCLan. We expect that we will have held two skateboarding events, utilising the skatepark at Moor Park. The purpose of these events is to promote skateboarding as a way to keep fit, to practice mindfulness, to encourage new skaters and to show the community that skateboarding is an inclusive, fun sport.

Members can expect to be kept up to date with skateboarding events going on in and around Lancashire, as well as having a place to organise visits to local parks within the group. We will hold community events which will include skateboarding competitions and opportunities for people to try out skateboarding if they do not own a board.

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