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Welcome to the UCLan Shogi Society!

You probably have never heard of shogi before but that´s ok, Shogi is a game that is similar to chess but better in some aspects and also quite old, this makes it more fun than normal chess. We are an active society that meets at least once weekly and we also are one of the few that will guarantee the safety measures due to COVID-19. With everyone disinfecting their hands and using masks when necessary.


Apart from playing games we will also have sessions in which we discuss strategies and other aspects of the shogi world, we also have plans to meet outside of normal times for socials with other societies and on our own, if circumstances allow. Anyone that decides to join will receive a warm welcome and can expect to meet interesting people and have a good time.


The society will strive to create a great and fun environment for any of UCLan's students to come and play Shogi!


We are looking forward to meeting anyone who decides to join and if you have any questions you email us or ask us in our facebook page (UClan Shogi Society)

Weekly meeting will be at 5pm, online for now due to restrictions 


Chairman: Jose L. Oliván;

Secretary: Ryunosuke Yamazaki;

Treasurer: Ian Wu;

Social Secretary: Tina Abbott;

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