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A group of open-minded individuals supporting each other in their studies and social life, by networking as well as communal activities.

Our aim is to promote and encourage Russian at UCLan:

This will be done through different types of events, with some being more formal and others more social. For example, a formal event would be a conference regarding Russian history and key events. A more social event would be a Russian movie night with loads of Russian snacks. In addition, we will use social media to promote our society.

Increase/support students’ (especially members’) intellectual, cultural and social experience & development.

In order to make sure that the students/members are getting a fully positive experience.

Promote intersociety co-operation.

We would be very happy to work with like-minded/ varied groups on certain activities as well as events in order to promote intersociety co-operation.

Further intercultural dialogue as well as engagement.

This can be done in formal as well as a social environment, just an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and groups belonging to different cultures which will lead to a deeper understanding of the other's global perception.

Increase awareness of Russian at UCLan.

Russian is a recent subject of study at UCLan if we were to compare it to other courses. Due to that, it is not a very popular subject and that is why one of our societies key aims is to change that, because we want people to get involved as well as create a better understanding of the culture for themselves.

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