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The UCLan RPG Society is dedicated to hosting players and GM's and aiding them in running RPG's.

We hold a number of long-running campaigns, for many different systems such as Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Star Wars, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu and many many more.

We welcome brand new players who have never played a RPG before, and welcome seasoned or past members of the society. This does include Alumini members but due to SU guidelines they cannot run as Committee members.

We will also be holding awards for existing members. These awards will be Player and Games Master of the Term, Shining Star of the Society, Best Character of the Year, Best World of the Year, Best Role Player of the Year and Most Immerse Moment of the Year. 

For more information on our meetings and our current games, visit us on Facebook by searching for UCLan RPG Society or following the link here. Additionally due to Covid 19 we are still operating but online which is over Discord. For more information please message one of the Committee members.

On behalf of the Society, Committee and myself we wlecome you with open arms and we cannot wait to meet you.

Our awards

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