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Welcome to the UCLan Physics Society 


The aim of this society is to create a safe social group which will allow people who share similar interests in Physics and Astrophysics to be able to meet and interact, whether you are a new student to the university or existing students on campus.  We will also give members the chance to explore areas of Physics which are not covered by our curriculum, and create cohesion between year groups and courses within the JHI here at UCLan. 

Opportunities to enhance student’s CV’s with extracurricular workshops to give students support through their studies and offer help when needed. These workshops are mainly student led and range from tutorials in programming languages to presentations about presentation skills. We hold social events for a wide range of interests and have a lot of fun in the process.


Over the previous years, we have taken 48 people to CERN, Switzerland on a 5-day trip to visit the city and more importantly the physics institute there, we have also taken 30 students on a 4-day trip to Barcelona to visit CosmoCaixa. We also have been very lucky to take 15 students on a 14-day trip to Hawaii to visit the observatories there. These trips were subsidised by the university and are organised by the society for society members. Other important events include Observing Evenings (At our own observatory), Poker Nights, Pub/Bar Nights and Quiz Nights (Hosted by ourselves).  

Over the years we have been the largest society in the entire university, and we want to get that to continue this year too; with your help, we can do that!  |  |  @UCLanPhysSoc |


President                                         Bethany Ramsden
Vice President                                 Matthew Teasdale
Secretary                                         Natalie Reeves
Treasurer                                         John Osborne
Social Secretary                             David Bell


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