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PENSA (Pentecost students and Associates) is a society that will seek to help students maintain deeper, personal relationships with God in a refreshing and unique environment that encourages ambition in students to develop both their personal and professional career goals. PENSA hopes to help build spiritual yet academically excellent professionals with an affirmative voice in the Society and World.

Currently, in the UK, 1 out of every 4 adults experience a mental health illness in their lifetime. University students often suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety that often arise as a result of long-term stress coupled with the demands of student life. There is research to show that individuals maintain a better state of mental health if they have a belief in God as well as a support network that reinforces this. The director of the centre for spirituality, theology and health at Duke University medical centre also found that religious people have less depressive symptoms simply because they find it easier to cope with the challenges that arise in their life.

In view of this PENSA should be seen as a unique place on campus where solutions can be found to life’s problems. Not a place of uncertainty or fear but a place, which encourages strength of mind and character. Not a place of divisions or hating of others or jealousy but a place where love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and goodness abound. When this is established, members will be well equipped to succeed in all areas of their lives. We hope to meet on the university campus.

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