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If you have an interest in the outdoors then this is where you belong! 

We run lots of trips ranging from day excursions to weekend trips, and these are always priced cheaply costing just enough to cover accommodation and transport. Trips vary from climbing, hiking/walking, caving, ghyll scrambling, navigation, and winter climbing; so there is a large variety of trips to go on for everybody.

Weekly sessions**

Monday nights Meet at Harrington Carpark 6pm to travel via minibus to other top walls in the North West

Wednesday-Meet at 53 Degrees 1pm to walk to West View Leisure Centre to go indoor climbing or bouldering at boulder uk.

** From Thursday 5th November, all in-person activities are suspended and will restart from Monday 7th December

Socials-  Socials are held pretty much every other week and vary from pub quizes to birthday celebrations. Not all are drinking so don't be put off, its a great way to meet new members and make new pals There will be posts/ updates about what socials are happening where and when.

There will be a variety of trips throughout the academic year, so keep an eye on Facebook events and the SU page for updates.  Please ensure you are a registered UMC member for the trips :)

Please note: whilst we cover wall entry we do not cover membership costs to walls which can be up to £5.

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