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Are you moving away from home? Excited? Nervous? No doubt this will be a difficult time for you. There may be times when you find things hard to handle or you may need questions answering. But know that ISoc is there for YOU!

We are committed to helping you regardless of background, faith, denomination, sex or nationality. We are here to advise, help & reassure all students in any matters, be they religious or non-religious such as accommodation, the best places to eat halal food or to point you in the right direction to the local mosque etc. We endeavour to make your stay at UCLan as smooth & comfortable as possible.


The ISoc works meticulously to portray the true image of Islam. We have a brilliant team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers who strive to create change for the better & provide a fruitful understanding of Islam on campus. 

There is something for everyone to get involved in. We hold a mixture of activities throughout the year including the Fresher Welcome Meal, Sister and Brother Circle, Charity Week, UCLan Hijab Day, Game Nights, Fundraisers, Discover Islam Week, Eid Dinner & much more!


We also facilitate the Friday prayers (Jumu'ah Salaah) at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre, Daily prayers and regularly host internationally & nationally renowned scholars to talk on Islamic issues such as Pharmaceutical Ethics, Da'wah, Evolution, Unity, Women in Islam, just to name a few. We endeavour to cater to your spiritual needs as much as possible by holding regular Islamic classes too


The Oasis Building, home to the ISoc has both male and female prayer rooms, ablution areas, meeting rooms, a library with a wide variety of books and a mediation room for when you need to clear your mind and be one with your thoughts. Located on Kirkham Street opposite the Media Factory, the Oasis Building is open 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 12 midnight. Please note that swipe access which can be obtained at the security control centre will be required to access the building from 4:00 pm every day.

Don't just sit back & let your university time pass without getting involved, join the ISoc today and be welcomed into a loving and supporting community!

‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’

Yours sincerely,
Your ISOC Committee

Facebook: UCLan ISoc

Twitter: @UCLanISoc

Instagram: @uclanisoc

Snapchat: uclanisoc

Chair: Hasnain Rashid 


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