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Assalamu Alaykum / Peace be upon you

Welcome to the Islamic Society Page!

The Islamic Society are a group of Muslim students committed to serving the Muslim population at UCLan. We aim to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment at university for all students regardless of background, faith, denomination, sex or nationality. We are here to advise, help and reassure students in all matters be they religious such as spiritual advice, providing prayer facilities, sharing Islamic literature etc or non religious such as accommodation, food and social events.

The ISoc works meticulously to portray the true image of Islam. We have a brilliant team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers who strive to create change for the better and provide a fruitful understanding of Islam on campus. Our Committee meet on a weekly basis to plan events, provide feedback and discuss the betterment of student life for Muslims at the University.

With the huge population of Muslim Students at UCLan we strive to ensure that Muslim students are represented and ensure their needs are met. Throughout the year we host numerous events in close relationship with the Student Union. The academic year begins with Freshers Week (in September) leading onto Charity Week (in October), Islamophobia Awareness Week (in November), Al Aqsa Week (In February), Disover Islamic Week (in March), and Ramadhan events towards the end of the year. These week long campaigns include meals, social events, competitions, insightful debates and discussion.

We endeavour to cater to your regular spiritual needs by holding regular Islamic classes on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These learning circles (Halaqah) for sisters and brothers are based on religious topics such as Islamic History, Ahadith (Prophetic Sayings), Quran, Spiritual development aswell as contemporary topics such as Mental Health in Islam, representation of Muslims in the media and academia and much more. Every week we facilitate the Friday prayers (Jumu'ah Salaah) at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and regularly host internationally and nationally renowned scholars to talk on Islamic issues such as Pharmaceutical Ethics, Da'wah, Evolution, Unity, Women in Islam etc. 

We are usually based in the Oasis Multi Faith Centre located on Kirkham Street opposite the Media Factory. The ground floor of the Oasis Building is home to the faith chaplains, prayer rooms for sisters and brothers and ablution areas. The first floor has a quiet library with faith-based books, areas for personally study, meetings rooms, a kitchen and meditation room. The building is an excellent facility and you can often meeting the Imam or the ISoc Committee members here.Conveniently the building is open 7 days a week 7:30am to midnight and can be accessed with your UClan card 

We are always looking for volunteers to join our team and share their skills, whether it be hosting a workshop/talk on a subject your passionate about or being of service at our weekly/monthly events. For more information on our events, services, to volunteer or to contact us directly please email us or message us on social media.

We pray that you find peace and belonging within the Islamic Society and an environment of spiritual progress and community for all. Ameen

‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’

Yours sincerely,
Your ISOC Committee




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Head Brother: Adam Bashir 



Head Sister: Nisha Ogunrinde



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