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For those of you who expressed their interest in going through a formal first aid training with St John Ambulance, the signup sheets are now open. Please fill in the form linked below.

- Use any email address you wish, which you check semi-regularly. 
- For your unit, put Preston. 
- Please ensure you are part of the UCLan First Aid society ( please also give us a follow on instagram (uclan first aid society) 
- For your role, unless you want to do something else, put First Aider 
- Please note, you will be expected to participate in training and assessment and once operational, you can volunteer in different events around the city/region. (We usually expect around 6 hours per month) 

You should then receive further instructions to the email you signed up with.


New Members, 

Welcome! We hope you’re all well and excited to start this academic year! As hectic as things have been lately, we are looking forward to overcoming the odds and having a fantastic positive year ahead. 

We are thrilled to introduce UCLan’s official First Aid Society! 


What our society is all about?

This society provides a great opportunity for those interested in learning, practicing, and applying first aid knowledge. ?? 

Our society is affiliated with the St John Ambulance organization and we provide a safe space for members who are keen on becoming qualified first aiders. ?

Group members will be offered and attend in-house training by our very own qualified SJA volunteers. To be able to deliver first aid as part of the St John Ambulance, you will need official training that can be arranged for you!


Why join the First Aid society?

This society will help you learn ????‍?? and inculcate the appropriate behavior and skills in emergency situations, which can otherwise be overwhelming. ?? 

Give you the opportunity to put your skills to practice by volunteering as first aiders at several events, from football matches ? at Preston's Deepdale stadium to city festivals. ?????? 

Members will be participating in our workshops which will improve and increase their dexterity with first aid equipment. ???????? 

A fantastic experience to mention on your CV! ?? 

Joining this society will give you the opportunity to interact?? with people ?? from different backgrounds and all kinds of walks of life. 

You will receive a termly membership certificate ?? from our society endorsing your skillset once deemed qualified. 


What Events do we plan to hold?

Workshops for Basic Life Support (BLS) - performing CPR, ?? Advanced life support, placing an individual in the recovery position, tying a sling, stabilising fractures and etc ... 

Various other seminars ?? dealing with first aid training. - bleeding, burns, choking, respiratory distress, trauma, etc. 

Opportunities to attend talks ?? by guest speakers ???? (experienced first aiders and HCPs) so you can learn ??? from their own personal experiences. 

We’ll be hosting fun events like informative theory classes ??, quiz nights??, small gatherings ??, etc. 


Why is it imperative to learn first aid? 

- It saves lives!!! ?? the appropriate response may be the difference between casualties’????‍?? ability to recover or their last breath. ?? 

- prevents abrupt deteriorating of a situation. By possessing the skills of basic care you are able to stabilize a patient until the emergency medical team arrives.  

- It grows your confidence ????. You spare yourself from becoming overwhelmed ?? by the situation. By knowing how to administer first aid ?, not only will that relieve your nerves, but it also provides emotional support to the patient and ensures they are calm and collected as well, being aware ?? that there is a first aider who can handle the situation. 

Who can join this society?

ANYONE! EVERYONE is welcomed ?? 

The necessity of having first-aid knowledge is universal ?? and we are hoping to have members from all courses.  Our primary aim, like SJA, is to make much of the public as aware ????‍?? as possible, so certain life-threatening situations can be thoroughly dealt with. 


For those of you interesting in joining our society, don't forget to sign up with on through the SU accounts.

To get the latest updates follow us on Instagram: @uclanfirstaid 

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries or concerns at 

We will be more than happy to have a chat with you! :)

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