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We aim to give our members great days out to Airsoft games, meet lots of new people and make new friends, advertise the combat sport of Airsoft at a university level to get more people involved and to provide a friendly environment for all of our members.


Airsoft is both physically and mentally demanding/challenging, so by playing our combat sport, members will improve their mental and physical ability.


We wish to give our members a group of new friends, along with confidence in communication, with various team-building skills. We also wish to have gained more members keen to take part in Airsoft and have our own team which travels to compete with other teams nationally.


Regular open day visits to "first and only The mill" and "dagger woods". We also travel to other sites across the country


Team-building training exercises.


Communication training.

We also compete in inter-university CQB competitions


Our Facebook page is a great place to talk about all things Airsoft, and when there just ask us about our discord chat.

Our awards

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