Give It A Go

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Give It A Go

Our Give it a Go programme is full of events and activities for you try something new or help you decide which Sports Clubs, Societies and Volunteering you might want to be involved in. Maybe you’ll pick up a new hobby or try a sport you’ve never played before, whatever it is we think there’s something for everyone!




Model UN Welcome Meeting
26th January 2pm - 4pm
Livesey House (LH002)
The first meeting of the Model UN - A casual discussion session where we can get to know each other and learn further about what the United Nations does and what we as a society will do.
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Uclan SU Outreach Event
1st February 1pm - 2:30pm
Student Union space in Student Services Building
Still want to get involved in the opportunities the Student Union has to offer? Or, have some suggestions? Then come on down!
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Social Netball Give-It-A-Go
1st February 5pm - 6pm
Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre & UCLan Sports Arena
All Abilities Welcome!
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Volunteer development Programme
14th February 10am - 15th February 3pm
Guys activity centre
A chance to develop your skills and learn about yourself
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SUL Pool Tournament
1st March 7pm - 10pm
Roper Hall
One Night Student Union Pool Tournament held at Roper Hall
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