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Award Season is here! Every year, we celebrate our amazing Students’ Union volunteers and great University staff with dedicated, student-led awards. Check out each of the awards below.

  1. Our Union Awards celebrate all the amazing student volunteers across the Students’ Union.
  2. Our Golden Roses awards are entirely student-led, and recognise both teaching and non-teaching staff for the amazing work they do every day.




About Awards

Our Union Awards celebrate all the amazing student volunteers across the Students’ Union. Whether you know a great Academic Rep or Council Member who has helped make positive change; a campaigner who has done something incredible or raised a lot of money for charity; a Media volunteer who goes the extra mile or someone who has excelled in an Inspiring Project or Social Sport, we want your nominations.

This year, we have 20 award categories, from Campaign for Change Award, to Inspiring Project of the Year and Society and Club of the Year!


Key Dates

28h April

Nominations Close at midday

26th May

Winners Announced


Read more about each awards category below:



This award is about a campaign that has made change for students. If you know an individual or group who has taken a lead this year and campaigned to make change then this is the award for you. We're looking for campaigns that have achieved impact for students, had a clear aim and/or done something particularly innovative.


This award is for those who have made a valued difference to the lives of others through their fundraising activity. Not just about the amount raised but also about the impact and innovation.


This award recognises the student Course Rep which has been consistently active over the year, voicing the opinions of all students on their course by regularly attending SSLCs and building relationships well with students, academic staff and union officers. They will have shown that they can help their peers in a range of ways, from signposting to supporting, and responding to feedback in a timely fashion.


This award recognises the School President which has been consistently active over the year, voicing the opinions of all students within their school by regularly meeting with senior staff, union officers and course reps. They will have responded to feedback when arisen by demonstrating good organisation and communication skills as well as effectively closing the feedback loop.


This award recognises the Council Member which has been consistently active over the year, supporting Big Ideas and representing students on a daily basis as well as voicing the opinions of those students at Council meetings. They will have supported and/or ran campaigns whilst having demonstrated passion, knowledge and effective communication with both elected officers and the Union throughout their role.


This award is for the stand out volunteer within the Union's provision for Social and Recreational sport. This person will have shown a passion and commitment to improving the student experience through sport at a participation level.


This award is for the SU Inspiring Projects volunteer who makes a valued difference to the lives of those they help and support. They should have made a positive impact on their project(s) over this difficult period, have gone above and beyond in their role, and made a discernible difference to others.


This award is for the SU Inspiring Project that has made the most significant difference to UCLan Students and/or the local community over the past year. Nominations should be able to demonstrate the impact of the project and/or how it has raised awareness of a particular issue, as well as how it has adapted to the restrictions during the pandemic.


This is awarded to the group that really goes the extra mile on a certain event and demonstrates the time, passion and effort that went into it. The success of the event isn't necessarily measured by numbers but by the enjoyment felt by a diverse range of individuals who are involved with the Students' Union. This year we have seen a number of great collaboration events so don't forget to include these in your nominations.


This award is given to the society that continually excels in providing the best experience for its members. They have high levels of community engagement that inspires others to get involved. They strive to have a variety of activities that are available to all of their members and have been creative during the pandemic


This award is for a member of the society who, time and time again, is a person that strives to give 100% to the society and is an inspiration to others in societies as well as being a fantastic representation of the Students' Union. During these hard times, this person will have helped other people keep going and been inspiring.


This award is for a volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make a real lasting change to student media. This volunteer will have demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to student media, inspired other volunteers and represented the brand positively throughout the year.


The show, video, article, campaign or event, that has raised the profile of Pulse Media across the student body, had a wide reach and involved not only current members of Pulse but students from the wider community as well.


This award is for the stand out volunteer of the year who has made life better for students. This can be in any area of Union volunteering such as Course Reps, Inspiring Projects volunteers, Media volunteers, School Presidents, Society Committee members, Students' Council, Trustees and Team UCLan Sports Committee; and we would welcome nominations for any volunteer who has gone the extra mile this year and done something special. This award will also be presented at the University Volunteering awards.


An award for students who have been recognised by the awards committee to have made a significant contribution to their own sports club. Through, for example:
* Commitment to a club
* Voluntary contributions to the running of the club (not necessarily as committee)


An award for students who have been recognised by the awards committee to have shown outstanding voluntary service to their Sports club over several years


they are a leader both on and off the field. This award primarily focuses on the contribution they have made to their club, the Union and the University


This is awarded to a Sports club who have contributed time and effort to projects out with the Students’ Union and University, be it through fundraising, volunteering or raising awareness of issues affecting the wider community


Awarded in recognition of the small sided or 11-a-side SUL Team who have demonstrated the highest of standards both on and off the pitch


Given to the sports club that has proved to be exemplary in regards to club organisation and management, dedication to its sport, and commitment to university sport as a whole. NB: Any individual/club can nominate their own club or another


This award is for a student who has gone above and beyond to help others during the Pandemic. This person could of run online classes to help people stay connected , volunteered at our testing centre to get students back on campus or just pushed you on and kept you smiling.

If you know a student who has really gone the extra mile this year , let us know so we can celebrate them.