The ACEs

The ACEs

The ACEs (Awarding and Celebrating Excellent students) is our BRAND NEW annual celebration commemorating all the amazing volunteers and student staff we have across the Union.

This will be made up of a brilliant evening event where we can all come together to celebrate, as well as awards for our hardworking volunteers and student staff.

This is where you come in!

We need YOUR nominations. Whether that is for a great Rep, Council Member, campaigner, project volunteer, sports or societies committee member or student staff; we want your nominations!

Check out the categories for all of the awards available below. There are a range of awards and we encourage all students to take a look at the categories and submit nominations for the volunteers and student groups at UCLan SU, and even for yourself! You are welcome to put in as many nominations as you like.

The ACES celebration event will be take place on Thursday 2nd May and all winners, nominees, volunteers and student staff will be invited to attend the event from 6pm in the Atrium!

ACEs 2024 Award Nomination form




Award Categories





Recognising an individual or group that has made change for students. This award is for those who have taken a lead this year and increased awareness of a topic that has an impact on the student experience.


Recognising those that have worked alongside others to achieve something special, The Collaboration Award celebrates students who have worked together, across different groups or teams. We know that collaboration takes work, time and dedication but can have a huge impact. We are particularly interested in new collaborations - so this is the first time you’ve worked together.


Recognising the teamwork and achievements of a committee of a group, society or volunteering project. This award is for those outstanding teams who work together effectively, perhaps they have overcome difficulties as a committee or have just been outstanding this year.


Recognising those individuals, groups, societies or projects that have had positive, meaningful impact on a wider community. For this award ‘community’ could be the student community at UCLan, or could be the local, national or international community.


Recognising those individuals, groups, societies or projects that have had positive, meaningful impact on a wider community. For this award ‘community’ could be the student community at UCLan, or could be the local, national or international community.


Recognising a brilliant event organised by any student group or individual. This event doesn’t have to be large-scale with a huge budget, we are just as interested in the smaller scale ones but the event has to make a difference to attendees. The winning event will show real innovation and a fantastic experience for attendees.


Recognising someone that has overcome significant challenges to volunteering or group involvement. We know that hundreds of students volunteer despite personal difficulties, and we want to showcase some of these students. The winning student doesn’t need to have done hundreds of hours volunteering but they need to have had an impact on those around them. Please note: we may give this award to multiple people if we feel the standard of nominations is high.


Recognising those that are engaging more students, encouraging wider participation and helping to dismantle barriers. This award is about equity, equality, inclusion, diversity and liberation work. Student groups and volunteers work to break down structural inequalities and to make their activities inclusive and we want to recognise this.


Recognising the society or volunteering initiative that has performed the best in their first year (from Aug 2023). They will have used a variety of innovative ways to grow membership or volunteers and will have provided a range of opportunities for members in this first year, with clear direction as to the future of the group. Getting a society or project up and running can be difficult and recognition needs to be given to groups who are perhaps are smaller in numbers but are coming on leaps and bounds in progress.


Recognising those individuals, societies or projects that have championed student wellbeing. Student volunteering, sports groups and societies provide a crucial space for students to feel comfortable, do what they love and make friends. We know how important this is for student wellbeing.

By ‘wellbeing’ we are thinking about ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’ - Oxford English Dictionary.


Recognising the standout volunteer of the year who has made life better for students. This award is for someone who has shown outstanding dedication to the Students’ Union; going above and beyond to make a difference to their group or area of volunteering, as well as in wider student engagement. Possibly dedicating their time to a number of different areas within the Students’ Union. We would welcome nominations for any volunteer who has gone the extra mile this year and done something special which is above and beyond their role description.


Recognising a committee member who strives to give 100% to their society or sports group and is an inspiration to others, as well as being a fantastic representation of the Students’ Union.


Recognising a Volunteering Projects volunteer who makes a valued difference to the lives of those they help and support. They should have made a positive impact on their project(s) over the past year, have gone above and beyond in their role, and made a discernible difference to others.


Recognising the Council Member who has been consistently active over the year, supporting Big Ideas and representing students on a daily basis, as well as voicing the opinions of those students at Council meetings.


Recognising the outstanding work of a UCLan SU student staff member. This student staff member will have displayed considerable commitment to their role, going above and beyond expectations.


ACEs Celebration Event
2nd May 6pm - 9pm
SU Atrium
Join us in Awarding and Celebrating Excellent Students (ACES) with an evening of free food, fun activities and fab music.
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ACEs 2024 Award Nomination form


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