We Heart U


The We Heart U award recognises UCLan staff for moments of excellence, for times when a thank you is simply not enough. Perhaps you’ve had a particular engaging lecture using new and innovative techniques, been supported through a tough period or received excellent service… the We Heart U is your chance to say thank you.

Some of the unique aspects of the We Heart U is the fact that it is available throughout the academic year and has a relatively short turnaround resulting in the surprise presentation of awards directly in the academic or service setting in which they were nominated, for example in a lecture theatre or service desk.

We not only want to recognise the hard work staff put in but also the fantastic work our Course Reps and School Presidents do to create positive change and enhance your academic experience, so if you think they have done something outstanding why not nominate them using exactly the same process!







The Process

Students can nominate a staff member, Course Rep or School President throughout the year online using the link below.

We have a panel of representatives who come together on a regular basis to review the nominations and to evaluate the merit of the nomination and decide whether it has met a suitable standard for an award to be presented. Where this is not the case we will do our best to ensure appropriate feedback is supplied to the student for next time.

Both the breadth and depth of nominations are considered so not to disadvantage smaller courses or staff members that are able to have a big impact at either an individual or small group level.

To nominate a staff member for a We Heart U award click here.