Burnley Representation

Burnley Representation

To ensure your voice is heard directly at the Burnley Campus, we elect Course Reps and a Burnley Students’ Rep each year. This enables students to have a sense of ownership over their University experience.

Burnley Campus Course Reps
Course Reps are students who volunteer their time to represent the views of the students on their course, working with Union and University staff to gather feedback and ensure you have a voice. They are able to influence change and be part of decisions relating to your course and academic experience. 


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Burnley Students’ Rep - Anantha Vaishnavi Aji Raj,

"My name is Anantha Vaishnavi Aji Raj, and I am the elected Burnley Campus Rep for 2020-21.

I am currently in the final year of the accelerated Medical Sciences course that runs at the UCLan Burnley Campus.

I decided to take this opportunity to represent our Burnley Campus students’ experience to the fullest and exhibit any concerns or suggestions that the students might have regarding the campus.

Since the start of this academic year I have:

  • Displayed students' unsatisfactory views on the Burnley Campus library and more importantly.
  • Proposed how Burnley students wish to have the facility improved over time in order to have equal opportunities to participate and fulfil their potential.

Currently, I am working on helping students set up more Burnley based communities and Societies.

To contact me, I have created a page on Instagram called @BurnleyRep to communicate with students and update you on important University updates. If anyone has any concerns or queries that they would like to raise, please contact me through Instagram. In the meantime, I will set up more platforms to communicate with the students who do not access Instagram."

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