Burnley Golden Roses

Burnley Golden Roses

The Burnley Golden Roses are an annual student-led teaching awards held at UCLan Burnley in partnership with UCLan Students’ Union. They allow all UCLan students at UCLan Burnley to recognise staff for the vital role they play in both teaching and supporting students and is a great way students can recognise high standards of teaching and support.



This year’s Burnley Golden Roses nominations are now CLOSED. We will reveal the shortlist very soon, so keep your eyes peeled to see the nominees!

The winners’ video will be released on 5th May. We can’t wait to celebrate high standards of teaching and student support with you.


Awards Criteria:

Lecturer of the Year

This award is for a Lecturer that has made a significant contribution to the academic experience. Do they use innovative teaching methods? Do they adapt their teaching style to students’ needs? Is your lecturer passionate about their subject? Are they genuinely excited to teach and engage you? Do they enthuse you with their knowledge and readily acknowledge your input?

Nominations will also be combined with the UCLan Golden Roses Lecturer of the Year award.


Creative Teaching Award

This award recognises a member of teaching staff that explores new methods of teaching and proactively engages students in different ways. They will have adapted to the new creative learning spaces, may use new forms of technology or refresh current teaching methods, undertake creative teaching styles that promote a positive student experience or encourage student to work or think in different ways.

Nominations will also be combined with the UCLan Golden Roses Creative Teaching award.


Above and Beyond

This award recognises any member of staff (teaching or non-teaching) who goes above and beyond the call of duty and is in effect the Burnley Staff Member of the Year! They will actively promote opportunities to students such as placements, going abroad, volunteering and working in different settings. Or they might just be someone who makes you feel supported and excited to come into campus.

Nominations will also be combined with the UCLan Golden Roses Behind the Scenes award.