Your Big Ideas

Your Big Ideas

Do you have an Idea about how to make the Students’ Union, University or the wider community better for students?

Your Big Ideas are a great way to make meaningful change on campus. Submit your Idea online and share with your friends and course mates. If your Big Idea achieves 50 or more votes in favour after 28 days, it will be taken forward; either to an appropriate meeting such as Students’ Council or by meeting with the appropriate person(s) to help make your idea a reality. If a Big Idea gets approval at Students’ Council, it will become Students’ Union policy and we will work with you on making it happen!

To submit an Idea or vote on any of the current Big Ideas below, you must be logged in using your UCLan student login. Once logged in, the option to submit will appear and to vote, just click the thumbs up or down button - depending on your opinion! 

Previous Big Ideas-turned reality have included free period provisions on campus, an extension to the academic calendar and free disability screening.

Anyone can submit a Big Idea. It’s an easy way to change the lives of students!

Big Ideas Top Tips

  1. Identify the issue you want to solve.
  2. Do your research and talk to others. Staff and Elected Officers can help you prepare to launch or promote your Big Idea.
  3. Plan what you think should be done to solve the issue and decide how you'll know when it’s fixed.
  4. Submit a Big Idea! Go change Students’ lives.


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    Re-decorate the sports facilities to celebrate our success.


      My idea is for the sports facilities; Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre and UCLan sports arena to display and celebrate the universities sporting success and excellence. There is very little of our own achievements displayed in our sporting facilities which shows a lack of appreciation and lack of support. 


      Upon viewing other universities’ sports facilities for different reasons, it is highlighted that we are lacking significantly in this sector of support for our own teams. Pictures, flags, trophies and team kits are displayed across other universities’ sports facilities to advertise how well their sports teams do and what they achieve on a yearly basis. 


      Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre is filled with items regarding Sir Tom Finney that most students would agree are irrelevant to us. The current state of the sports doesn’t feel like it is our facilitiy as students, whereas after visiting other universities it has become apparent that their university teams are put first and their achievements celebrated. American Colleigic sports are an extreme example of this and how it can create an atmosphere to breed excellence.


      In my opinon you should walk into the sports facilities of the university and be blown away by their own sports teams, it should make you feel empowered and motivated. STFSC and UClan Sports Arena are plain and don't en-cumpus our sports culture at all. We all want to get the most we can out of sport and it starts with our own facilties.

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