Your Big Ideas

Your Big Ideas

Do you have an Idea about how to make the Students’ Union, University or the wider community better for students?

Your Big Ideas are a great way to make meaningful change on campus. Submit your Idea online and share with your friends and course mates. If your Big Idea achieves 50 or more votes in favour after 28 days, it will be taken forward; either to an appropriate meeting such as Students’ Council or by meeting with the appropriate person(s) to help make your idea a reality. If a Big Idea gets approval at Students’ Council, it will become Students’ Union policy and we will work with you on making it happen!

To submit an Idea or vote on any of the current Big Ideas below, you must be logged in using your UCLan student login. Once logged in, the option to submit will appear and to vote, just click the thumbs up or down button - depending on your opinion! 

Previous Big Ideas-turned reality have included free period provisions on campus, an extension to the academic calendar and free disability screening.

Anyone can submit a Big Idea. It’s an easy way to change the lives of students!

Big Ideas Top Tips

  1. Identify the issue you want to solve.
  2. Do your research and talk to others. Staff and Elected Officers can help you prepare to launch or promote your Big Idea.
  3. Plan what you think should be done to solve the issue and decide how you'll know when it’s fixed.
  4. Submit a Big Idea! Go change Students’ lives.


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    Extend Burnley library opening hours !


      Call out to extend library opening times on Burnley campus

      Did you know that the library on Burnley campus closes at 4.30pm and dose not open at weekends?!

      Facilities on campus should be accessible for all students. Currently Burnley campus library has very limited opening hours. We believe that the Library at Burnley campus should have its opening hours extended into the evenings and weekends so that ALL students have access to this vital service and study spaces at times when they can actually use them!

       By liking this idea, you would mandate the student union to lobby the university, to increase the Library opening times.

      Even if you don’t study at Burnley campus we urge you to like this idea as we believe that Burnley students should get the same level of service as Preston students

      Our learning experience and facilities on Burnley campus should not be disadvantaged, yet at present that is exactly what is happening…Lets have an equality check!

      Not only do we need your votes to make this change but your comment about what the issues the current closing times create for you. How will extended opening times benefit you in your studies for your degree! Do you think its fair that the library on Preston campus is open 24hrs 7 days a week when Burnley library closes at 4.30pm? and is not open at weekends!

      Preston students, Burnley students lets get behind this big idea and start clicking that thumbs up!

    Lara Metcalfe
    7:39pm on 10 Feb 22 I completely agree!! After lectures a lot of us do not have the time to use the facilities available to us in the library.
    Victoria Smith
    9:26am on 11 Feb 22 As a Preston student who actually lives closer to Burnley I would support this as it would mean less travel to do some studying in the library at Burnley.
    Bethany Angeletta
    9:50am on 11 Feb 22 This would be so beneficial to students
    Omar Al-Naseri
    9:51am on 11 Feb 22 It will be good idea for students if they can keep the library open for longer hours for them so they don't have to travel to different places so they can study.
    Kimberley Reeves
    10:36am on 11 Feb 22 This would be a good idea. Students should have the same resources at both campuses.
    Correy Martin-Heckels
    10:38am on 11 Feb 22 As a preston campus student, I'm shocked to hear that you guys dont get the same access to a service i take for granted here. I completely agree students should have access out of typical lecture hours so you can actually use it to do work
    Alfie Rideout-Wylde
    11:30am on 11 Feb 22 This is a must!
    Michaela Powell
    12:13pm on 11 Feb 22 Absolutely!
    Aimee Edwards
    4:02pm on 11 Feb 22 100% behind this. Especially for those of us who have children and the time to study is only usually practical in the evening!
    Darcey Abraham
    4:15pm on 11 Feb 22 Great feedback so far! Share this big idea guys let's go above and beyond the 50 votes!
    Sarah Coole
    4:28pm on 11 Feb 22 Evenings and weekends are the times when most students complete work. Not having access to the library is really poor. We are paying the same fees as Preston Students yet have minimal resources available.
    Kate Crook
    5:20pm on 11 Feb 22 As a healthcare student doing placement on unusual Working hours it’s essential To have access to the library outside of normal working hours as this is often the only time we can access the library.
    Kainat Afzal Natt
    9:26pm on 12 Feb 22 Most students finish university around 4/5/6 pm which means they’re not able to use the library due to its closing times. All students at both campuses should have access to the same resources.
    Zoe Hill
    4:26pm on 14 Feb 22 Fully behind this BIG IDEA!
    Rachel Cox
    5:06pm on 14 Feb 22 Full behind this. I am a Nursing student at Burnley - we are on placement for 21 weeks of the year and not coming in for on-site teaching. If you are on Mon-Fri 8.30-4.30 placement it’s impossible to access facilities. Later opening would make it much easier to come in for books/study.
    Kelly Whittaker
    5:29pm on 14 Feb 22 Yes please
    Darcey Abraham
    12:20pm on 15 Feb 22 1 week in guys and we're on 47 votes! AMAZING! Please keep sharing and networking this big idea. Keep your comments and likes coming :)

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