Voting opens on Monday 8th March and closes on Thursday 11th March at 3pm.


All voting takes place online at www.uclansu.co.uk/votenow - you can cast your vote by logging in with your UCLan email address.


If you are having any issues with voting, email us straight away at suelections@uclan.ac.uk


There are lots of different elections running at this time and when you log in, you'll be able to see the ones you are eligible to vote in.

Some elections are open to all students to vote in -for example, the elections for Full-Time Officers and Students' Council roles.

You'll also be able to vote for the School President for your school, a society or sport committee if you are a member of one and there will also be some Course Rep elections running too!


When you go to vote, you will be asked to rank candidates in order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.). This means you don’t have to just choose one candidate, but you can use your vote to list in order of who you would like to see be elected.

Re-open Nominations (RON) is also an option in each election. This is for when you do not want to vote for any of the standing candidates and who would prefer a new election to be called.

For example, let’s say Candidate A, Candidate B and Candidate C are all running for election. On the ballot you will see all three names and manifestos, alongside RON. If you liked Candidate C’s manifesto the best and want them to win the election, you would vote them #1 – first. Then if you preferred Candidate A to succeed over Candidate B, you would vote Candidate A #2 – second as your next preferred choice. You can do this for all of the candidates listed on that particular election.


Due to current COVID restrictions and guidance, candidates will be campaigning online about their ideas and why you should vote for them.

Ask them questions about issues that matter to you and choose the person who you think will represent you best.

You can also view candidate manifestos when you go to vote or take a look at officer manifestos here and join in with the Quiz the Candidates virtual event on Thursday 4th March, which you can find out more here.


While voting is open, you can change your mind at any time about who you vote for.

Just log back in to www.uclansuelections.co.uk and edit your votes.


If you feel like one of the candidates has broken one of the election rules, please email us at suelections@uclan.ac.ukwith details and we will look into it.

You have until an hour after the close of voting (4pm on Thursday 11th March) to submit a complaint. Any complaints about the results of the elections need to be sent to the returning officer at NUS within 24 hours of results.

For details about this email suelections@uclan.ac.uk


Results for School President, Students' Council and Full-Time Officer elections will be announced at our Elections Results event online on Friday 12th March in the Atrium from 3pm. There will be more information on the results event soon.

Can't make it? Don't worry - the results will be listed on our website later in the evening along with the results for Sports and Societies Committees.