Decolonise The Curriculum

Decolonise The Curriculum

At UCLan Students’ Union, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to study a diverse, inclusive and globalised curriculum. But, at the University of Central Lancashire, this isn't happening.

The curriculum isn’t built for students.

With 24% of UCLan students from a Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic background, the curriculum should reflect who they are and their experiences.

However, much of the current academia revolves around studying particular types of theorists or authors: those who are classical theorists who are white, outdated and cis-male.

Your Elected Officers are campaigning to make change- we believe is important that students are able to study more women, trans and non-binary authors; more authors who define as LGBQIA+; more Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Community authors; more culture; and ultimately have a more diverse curriculum.

Students deserve to leave UCLan with a well-rounded and inclusive knowledge of their subject with the opportunity to learn it from different points of view and perspectives.

The next step of the campaign is to create a Decolonise the Curriculum Feedback Kit.


The aim of this feedback kit is to ensure that module leaders are aware of areas within their modules where more work is needed to be done.


When typing your feedback, it will be helpful to think about the following:

  • Is the work taught in the module representative of the diverse student body and general population?
  • Do you have suggestions on areas of improvement in regard to equality, diversity, and inclusion? This can be from lecture material to reading lists.






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