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'Settling into the first few weeks has been interesting'

Odette reflects on her first 6 weeks as an Officer.

Photo of Odette, VP Welfare

Settling into the first few weeks as an Officer has been interesting. We have been on numerous training courses to help us get prepared for the new academic year and of course, how we can better support our students.

I have met with the UCLan Student Services team to discuss on how we can work together on the main focuses of my manifesto such as accessibility, sexual health awareness, mental health, student hardship and the BAME awarding gap.

I have also met with the UCLan Medical Centre on how they can better signpost their STI drop-in sessions and better integrate themselves with the campus. From this the Medical  entre will be present at Freshers with their own stall to answer any questions that students may have.

I am on a suicide preventation strategy committee who are working on training courses for both staff and students so that we all know how to best help someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts. This is something that will benefit us all to understand, empathise and help those who want to be helped.

Recently, I got into contact with the University catering team on whether it would be possible to introduce discount cards and discounted meal packages for students who eat frequently on campus. They got back to me and kindly let me know how they previously offered a catering card but found that there were issues with being unable to refund students their unused money which led to less people using it. However, they are now working on an app with a points-based system that students can use to get discounts the more they use it. This is an idea/plan that is currently in progress and I will be working closely with the team with this!

When the academic year starts, I am looking forward to meeting students to learn how we can better improve the student experience. I am also working in collaboration with Lancaster and Edge hill Students’ Union on a sexual violence awareness week project that will hopefully be shown between the 9th-14th of November so keep your eyes peeled!


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