Meg's Students’ Council Report


Your Students' Union VP Welfare has been working hard on her manifesto and COVID response throughout term. This report details her recent update to the Students' Council. Check out her recent focus points below:

• I’ve got the mental health strategy group running again.
• I’ve ran, and attended, some online among us socials (along with Sophie).
• I’ve organised & ran the disabled students forum in Semester 1.
• Published an article on student sex work.
• In the process of publishing an accommodation guide.
What I am working on in the next few months in line with my manifesto and COVID response:
• I’ve found a company which offers free online first aid. I was originally planning on waiting until covid was over to do the first aid training aspect of my manifesto, but as that is looking unlikely, I’m going to do it online instead. I will sharing this on social media between 8th/9th February.
• I’m working on a report and support launch campaign
• I’m looking into the possibility of running a food waste/food hardship campaign.
• I’m going to rework the disabled students forum, and do it differently for semester 2.
• I’m going to run an alcohol awareness campaign.
• I’m also going to get the take me home taxi scheme running again for September 2021.


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