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PGR Success!

Latest Updates on PGR Students and why you should be a PGR rep!

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PGR Success!

I have been able to work with wonderful Postgraduate Research (PGR) Representatives in my role so far. I meet regularly with them and ensure that the voice of the PGR community is heard and actively listened to! Some of the things which I have been working on with the current PGR Reps and the Head of the Graduate Research School:

  1. Securing a laptop loan system for PGR students
  2. Working on creating personality boards such as this one to display the work of the PGR community and allow for collaboration with other PGR students
  3. Assist in the design of a communal area designated for just PGR students
  4. Ensuring that the assigned PGR space in the library is reserved and used by PGR students

All these amazing feats will not be possible without the help of the PGR Reps.

If you're a PGR student who would like to be involved, please email us at


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