Decolonise the education system at UCLan

March 2021

Inclusive Curriculum Working Group

Working with the University on their strategy in terms of a curriculum that supports the intersectional community of marginalised people.

Decolonise UCLan

Working with the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students’ Representative on a campaign to educate students and staff about the need to decolonise the education system which had a soft launch at Course Rep Conference–Voices 2021.

We plan to do this by;

1.Information on issues such as the Awarding Gap and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students’Experience at UCLan Report

2.Launching our DecolonisationResources Library on the SU Website which seeks to inform students and staff on the basics of Decolonisation and Racial Issues with resources to further expand their knowledge.

3.An open letter to Graham and VCG alongside a template which students can use to engage staff as it is important to give students agency.

From this we hope to create a foundation of resources that can be expanded upon to open the discussion to all marginalised communities and utilise the intersectional benefits of decolonisation for all.


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