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'6 weeks of non-stop meetings down, an infinity to go'

Usman reflects on his first 6 weeks as your Vice President Education

Photo of Usman, VP Education

My first 6 weeks as your Vice President Education has been a very interesting experience for me. From attending meetings with Senior University staff members, to speaking while on mute, to preparing graduation speeches, it has been nothing short of exciting.

Attending the National Union of Students (NUS) organised Lead and Change conference was an interesting opportunity for me to meet with other Students’ Union Elected Officers and talk about our priorities for the year, discuss issues which are similar to our students and brainstorming ways which we can tackle issues discussed.

I have also been meeting, and still meeting, with the Heads of School and Deputy Head of Student and Teaching for each school to formally introduce myself and my priorities for the year ahead, but also to discuss their priorities for the year and common issues which students within their school face and how we as the Students’ Union can support the students with said issues.

I have also begun to meet the wonderful School Presidents of each school to introduce the role and also discuss their hopes for the year ahead. School Presidents are the senior student representation within each school that empower the students and ensure that the student voice and concern is heard! Haven been a School President before, it was nice to reassure the newly elected School Presidents of the benefits of the role and (finally) meet them. I’m looking forward to working with them all!

6 weeks of non-stop meetings down, an infinity to go.


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