Aidan Fenn - November 2020

Photo of Aidan Fenn, November ABCD Award winner Aidan Fenn, ABCD Award Winner

The Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Award is chosen monthly by Students' Union staff to reward the work of our volunteers. We are now pleased to announce November’s winner.

Congratulations to Aidan Fenn from Headstrong Mental Health Football Club!

Carl Brown, Aidan’s volunteer manager, said this in his nomination: “After two years running a team in the UCLan SUL, Aidan left that team in the hands of others to work on a new idea he had. His idea was to form an SUL team for male students who had difficulty with their mental health and/or wanted to promote the issue. The team would be a safe space for those who wanted to come together with like-minded individuals and play football, regardless of ability. The team has had a great start, recruiting 18 players and playing in fixtures every week. Aidan was also able to secure sponsorship from Kexgill, who supported the team by paying towards a playing kit. When circumstances permit, they hope to hold fundraising events and create links with mental health charities.”

The volunteer managers also wanted to make sure that a mention went to Danny Hargreaves who assists Aidan in running the team.

You can follow the team on Twitter and Instagram here:

Twitter @HeadstrongMHFC

IG: headstrongmhfc


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