Your Next Students' Council

Find out more about your next Students' Council meeting

Students walking outside the Students' Union building

There's just a week until the next Students’ Council meeting, so we’re here to let you know what your Students’ Council is and does, and well as share what’s on the agenda.


Your Students’ Council is made up of voluntary, Elected Student Reps and your Full Time Elected Officers. Every member of the Students’ Council represents the views of a different community at UCLan, and are elected by students, for students every year.


Council Members represent your views and debate constructively on key issues at meetings. They also check that your Full Time Elected Officers are keeping standards high across the Students’ Union!


The Students’ Council votes on Union policy (submitted through Your Big Ideas) and ensures that existing policies are put into action. Each Big Idea approved by the Council, is then set as Union policy, which lasts three years.


The next Council meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 28th April at 3pm, and is the final chance for a Big Idea to be passed this academic year.


The Big Idea up for discussion at the meeting is Keep Exams Open Book which comes to the meeting with 103 ‘thumbs up’.


You can download a copy of the full meeting agenda by clicking here.


You can find out more about Students’ Council, some of the campaigns they have been involved in and be able to contact the Council Members on our website. Got a question or query about Students Council? Email us at


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