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We’re at the beginning of 2021 and Elected Officers want to reassure students that we continue to see, hear and act on your concerns as you raise them. Thanks to students for contacting us via email, social media and attending our weekly Officer Lives as this helps us to understand the key issues you are facing and address them with the University. We know what pressures students are dealing with and we continue to be here #ForYouThroughThis.


Financial Support

On behalf of UCLan Students’ Union, UCLan Students’ Union President Zuleikha Chikh proposed the following to UCLan’s Vice-Chancellor: 


  • Students in University halls and University registered halls will not be charged from the start of semester 2 until they are back in halls of residence. 
  • Allow students to be released from their contracts with University halls, if they wish to and without any penalties. 
  • Financial support to be made available for students who are living in private accommodation. 


You can read the full letter here


UCLan supported our first ask. We are pleased to announce UCLan have stepped in to support students in University accommodation. UCLan’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Baldwin said: “We fully understand the disruption which the latest national lockdown has created for student accommodation arrangements. We have decided to issue a rent rebate equivalent to seven weeks for all students with a University halls contract who have not made use of their accommodation since the commencement of the national lockdown.”


As a goodwill gesture UCLan is also offering a free four-week extension to all students with a University accommodation contract, regardless of whether they qualify for the rebate or not. This would extend current tenancy contracts to 1 August 2021 enabling students to complete extended work placement options or take up possible part-time work opportunities.


UCLan supported our 3rd ask – support students living in private accommodation. The University have stated that they will be providing financial support for students who meet the following criteria:


  1. Students who are paying additional rent or board costs elsewhere who have been unable to leave a private rental contract or have not been offered a discount or compensation on their term time rent for a dwelling where they are now unable to live due to Covid-19. (Please note that students living in University Accommodation or with any other provider who is known to have already compensated students in this position will not be considered for support).


  1. For students that have insufficient IT equipment in their household due to Covid-19 to allow them to study remotely. For example, students who are having to share devices with children who also now need a device for home schooling, or for students whose device has broken since the beginning of the current academic year (please note that students that have already been issued equipment through the Harris Bursary Fund or Disabled Student Allowances will not be considered for support).


  1. For students whose household income has been significantly impacted by Covid-19. For example, if you have been furloughed, are not eligible for furlough or if you have lost a job during the most recent restrictions imposed.


Read the full details here before applying for the Ofs COVID-19 Hardship Fund.  


Access the application form here.


Applications for the fund are NOW OPEN and will close at 4pm on Wednesday 3 February 2021.


For independent advice and guidance about academic issues, advice for any welfare benefits, housing, finance or debt, or employment issues, please contact the UCLan Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre. 


Food Support

Please see our Lancashire Food Bank Directory for contact details to access food support. Help is here. Don’t be afraid of reaching out. 


Harrington Food 

Harrington Refectory and Foster coffee square are now open Monday – Friday from 8am - 5pm. Greenbank at the weekend is now closed. The offer of free food, hot drinks, sandwiches and fruit now runs throughout the day 8am – 5pm in both areas with free pizza being offered in Harrington throughout the day 8-5pm. There are other products available in both areas at the normal selling price. 


Your Elected Officers have been working hard to get your voices heard and we would love it if you could join the student movement over on Twitter and Instagram by using #LoveSUs to let us know how UCLan Students’ Union has supported you in the pandemic.


Connect with your Elected Officers here!


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