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We Heart U

Congratulations to this year's award winners!

Award winners under confetti

The We Heart U award recognises University of Central Lancashire staff, School Presidents and Course Reps for moments of excellence, when a thank you is not enough. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly engaging lecture, been supported through a tough period or received excellent customer service? The We Heart You award is your chance to say thank you! This year we held one panel at the end of the year and our VP Education and students picked 5 winners. Here’s who, and why!


Jason Wragg - Course Lead

The move to online learning was a worrying time for students, but this Course Lead prepared his students for the changes to come, and supported them fully over the summer. He produced high quality lectures to deliver online and this was noticed by students- a tough year made far easier thanks to him.


Lynne Barnes Senior Lecturer/Head of Deaf Studies department

This staff member is described as going above and beyond for many reasons. Students have valued the quick turnaround on dissertation feedback and meetings to check on wellbeing. Finding resolutions to issues for students has had a positive impact and it is clear from the nomination that they are passionate about representing the student voice. They leave students feeling supported, empowered, and cared for.


Elspeth Beatrice Dennison – Course Rep


Being a student this year has had its obstacles, yet this Course Rep has had a positive impact on their peers. They are described as approachable, compassionate and an active listener which has left their peers feeling heard and understood. Course Reps can not only support the student voice but understand and empathise with it on the same level and this student is the perfect example of this.



Daniel Tierney - Technician and tutor

This staff member makes all students feel welcome in their classes. They are inclusive and will ensure all needs of their students are met. The enthusiastic approach they have towards teaching is described as contagious and they are an encyclopaedia of knowledge which they will openly share with the group. It is clear they have left students feeling lucky to have had them in their University life.


Nicola Nunn – Lecturer

This lecturer has been described as a lifesaver this year. They have adapted to all the changes made due to the impact of Covid, whilst maintaining their bright and cheery attitude which makes students’ days. They have had a blended approach to teaching, with two sets of obstacles to overcome, but students know they are at the heart of any actions or choices made. Students’ confidence has grown as a result of their support and teaching styles, and it is clear they have made a tough year easier for their students.


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