UCLan reject Ramadan halal food provision

Zuleikha Chikh - Students' Union President

UCLan reject Ramadan halal food provision


Zuleikha Chikh, Students’ Union President says:


“I am disappointed with the University’s decision to not support our growing Muslim student community, by failing to provide a halal option during Ramadan. This holy month is a time for family and friends to come together as a community and celebrate, much like Christmas. For both domestic and international students away from their families, this is a chance for UCLan to show that they really care about all students.”


Read Zuleikha’s full blogpost here.


This year more than ever, students face increased financial hardship. This was brought to light in our recent Student Hardship survey, where 43% of students said they are increasingly concerned that they may not be able to afford food.


A Big Idea focussed on the provision of Halal food on campus was also passed this year by UCLan Students’ Union Council, and made Students’ Union policy.

We believe the absence of culturally appropriate food options on campus puts Muslim students at a disadvantage, undermining their sense of belonging on campus and excluding them from the current catering offer.

Having an inclusive environment and provision on campus, in which students can see themselves reflected, is integral to creating a sense of belonging amongst all students, regardless of background.


Targeted interventions like this play an incredibly important role in tackling long standing issues like the BAME awarding gap and progression. As a widening participation institution, with commitments in its Access and Participation Plan to drastically reduce the awarding gap between BAME and white students, the University’s decision seems contradictory to a lot of the targets set and claims made. 



Michelle Welch
9:04am on 11 Apr 21 Hello, a fellow student asked me to sign this petition. I felt I was ignorant in knowing what makes some meat Halal and what does not, so have done my own research. From what I have read only some Animals are stunned before being slaughtered. Personally I feel this is inhuman. If all animals were stunned prior to slaughter I would not have an issue with the university providing halal meat. My diet is mainly plant based and only eat higher welfare animal products. A better alternative would have more healthy plant based options, which would be inclusive to all.
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