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The Volunteer Development Programme is an interactive online programme packed with informative training, but also some great fun activities and ways to build friendships with people you might never have met before. Attending the sessions will be a fantastic opportunity to reflect on your experiences as volunteers, meet new people and develop your skills. This will set you apart in the graduate job market, is a brilliant thing to add to your CV, and can help you define your career goals going forward through the range of workshops.

Since lockdown there have been some changes made to the way the Programme will run this year. Everything will be online, and you don’t need to apply or be interviewed to get a place. All we need you to do is to check out our dedicated site here and get a free ticket for any sessions you’re interested in attending. You can come to them all, or pick ‘n’ mix the ones you think are most relevant to you.

The schedule:

Week 1 (w/c 8th Feb) contains all the different sessions, labelled "Session A"

Week 2 (w/c 15th Feb) contains the same sessions repeated, labelled "Session B"

Check out the sessions below and then go to Native to book on:

Week 1





Mon 8th Feb 

Mindfulness over Matter session A


Networking and LinkedIn session A

Tues 9th Feb 

Setting Goals without Scoring session A 

Activism 101 session A

Conflict Management for Leaders session A

Wed 10th Feb 

Teamwork makes the Dream Work session A (10am – 12pm)

Mental Health Matters session A

Motivating and Inspiring Others session A

Thurs 11th Feb 

Communication skills for an ever-changing world session A

Public Speaking: Cultivating Confidence session A

 Personal Branding and Professionalism session A

Fri 12th Feb 

 Leadership: session A

 The Value Adding Mindset session A

Practical Problem-Solving session A

Week 2





Mon 15th Feb 

Motivating and Inspiring Others session B

 Leadership: Session B


Tues 16th Feb 

Conflict Management for Leaders session B

Practical Problem-Solving session B

Mindfulness over Matter session B

Wed 17th Feb 

Setting Goals without Scoring session B

Communication skills for an ever-changing world session B

Public Speaking: Cultivating Confidence session B

Thurs 18th Feb 

Personal Branding and Professionalism: session B

Teamwork makes the Dream Work session B (12pm – 2pm)

Networking and LinkedIn session B

Fri 19th Feb 

 The Value Adding Mindset: session B

Mental Health Matters session B

Activism 101 session B


You can also sign up for the “All Session Access Pass” this pass means you will be signed up to the entire programme in one click and will receive handy reminders before each session. Please remember though, you still only need to attend either an A or B session – not both! If you attend all the different sessions in the Programme you will be offered one of our friendly Students’ Union staff members to mentor you throughout the year afterwards and ensure you get the most out of your experience.  In addition, you will also receive a certificate of participation that you can use as evidence of your skills development in interviews and on your CV.You only need to attend 1 of each session - they are repeated in order to allow as many students as possible to attend even if you have conflicting lectures. Sign up now for 1 of each session, or dip into the ones you think are most relevant.


So what are you waiting for? Get signing up TODAY.


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