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Race Equality Charter Focus Group

A race equality update and chance to get £20 Love2Shop voucher. Survey results, focus groups and support available to you!

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You may remember that late last year we asked you to have your say on race equality at the University.

Thank you to all of you who got involved in completing the survey. Below you will find the key themes that the results have raised, as well as how to get involved with focus groups and support available to you.


As an institution, the University have recommitted to the Race Equality Charter principles and set up a Self-assessment Team to understand their key challenges on race equality and develop an action plan to address these.

Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter (REC) provides a framework through which to advance race equality, to improve the representation, experiences, progression and success of colleagues and students from racially minoritised ethnic groups. and you can find out more about it on the AdvanceHE website

If you have any questions about the Race Equality Charter please email the EDI Team. 

Your continued engagement and collaboration are vital as we work together to create a university community that values diversity, equality, and inclusion. 


Race Equality Survey – Key Themes

Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the recent Race Equality Survey – we had 979 colleagues and 1007 students get involved, by sharing their experiences, where things are working and where improvements need to be made!

The results have offered some invaluable insights and outlined some key themes that need to be addressed at the University. In particular, there will be a focus on the following issues:


  • The confidence of colleagues and students in addressing racist behaviours 
  • Varying levels of comfort in calling out individuals displaying racist behaviours 
  • Lack of confidence that appropriate action will be taken following reports of racist incidents   


Ethical approval from the UCLan ethics committee has been secured in order to ensure the responsible handling of sensitive information. 


Next steps – get involved with a focus group

The University are keen to hear from students from minoritised ethnic groups, who will be able to get involved with some focus groups relating to the key issues that have come out in the survey. This will help them really understand the lived experiences of students and ensure the right actions are being put in place to address these issues.

By getting involved, students who take part in a focus group will receive a £20 Love2Shop voucher.

You can sign up here

If you are not from minoritised ethnic groups, but have ideas or experiences to share, then please email


Following the focus groups, a final action plan will be shared later in the year.


Support available to you

If you experience any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination, we strongly encourage you to use the Report and Support website. Report and Support ensures that students, colleagues and even visitors can report any concerns – with the choice to access support from a wellbeing advisor or to report anonymously. 


As a University student, you also have access to the following, where you can find out more about the support available to you:

Your continued engagement and collaboration are vital as we work together to create a university community that values diversity, equality, and inclusion. 



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