Need to submit an academic appeal?

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Whilst we hope that you all got the results you wanted last week, we know that sometimes things don’t work out the way you envisaged and that there might be good reason why that happened. That’s why the University has an appeals process for assignments and assessments.

You can find lots of information about the appeals process on our website here and find our top tips below to help get you started with your appeal if you need them;

1.      Make sure your appeal meets one of the 4 grounds of appeal- more information about these grounds can be found here.

2.      You can’t use both grounds 1 and 2 together as they contradict each other.

3.      Only use ground 1 if you submitted an official mitigating circumstances to cover the module in question.

4.      Both ground 1 and 2 appeals are unlikely to be granted without any evidence, so make sure you have it ready to submit.

5.      If you want to submit an appeal under ground 3 and 4, these can be difficult to win, and require detailed explanation of the mistakes made, and sometimes linking back to University regulations so it is best to get advice before submitting the appeal. You can contact an advisor at for support with this.

6.      Don’t miss the deadline! You can appeal up to 10 working days from the official notification of marks so make sure you submit your appeal before this time.

How to complete the personal case box for a ground 1 appeal

Paragraph 1: Give full details of your mitigating circumstances (MC). You can probably just copy and paste this from your original mitigating circumstances form. If your MC was refused due to evidence, then make sure you attach more. Obviously if your MC’s were refused generally try to give more details of the issue and the specific affect they had on you.

Paragraph 2: State what the result was when you originally submitted your mitigating circumstances. Explain why you are unhappy with this outcome and why you think that another outcome should have been given.

Outcome Box: State what you think would happen if enough weight was given to your mitigating circumstances application. Please be aware appeal boards do not have the power to just increase a student’s grade.

How to complete the personal case box for a ground 2 appeal

Paragraph 1: Detail the illness/ personal issues that have been affecting you in as much detail as possible. Link the details back to the evidence that you have and explain exactly how the illness/personal issue affected your ability to study.

Paragraph 2: Explain the good reasons why you did not submit mitigating circumstances. This must be a genuine reason. There is plenty of information on mitigating circumstances on the University’s website and in the regulations, so it is not enough to say, I didn’t know about them.

Outcome Box: You need to detail exactly what you would like the appeal board to do if your appeal was accepted. Please be aware appeal boards do not have the power to just increase a student’s grade. More likely outcomes are another 1st sit or a re-sit.

We are here to help, but please be patient at this busy time.

Our wonderful team of Advisors are currently very busy answering lots of queries from students at the moment, so if you have contacted, please bear with them and they will respond as soon as possible.


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