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Student reading French book Conversation classes are a unique opportunity to practice your skills.

Languages at UCLan. What can we do for you?


Did you know there are 2,700 languages with over 7,000 individual dialects spoken around the world?

At UCLan we have a wide range of facilities and resources available to students who study languages as part of their degree but also to students who are interested in learning a language alongside their degree.

The Worldwise Centre located on the first floor of Adelphi building welcomes all those aspiring to enhance their cross-cultural awareness and intercultural or linguistic communication skills for the advancement of academic studies, or professional careers in multicultural and multilingual settings.

The upcoming online conversation classes facilitated by native speakers in 9 languages will be a great opportunity for students to meet like-minded people and develop a sense of community at UCLan. You can find and sign up to your chosen class which is displayed on our Activities page.

UCLan Students’ Union President Zuleikha Chikh said “Opportunities for students to practice speaking will develop their familiarity and confidence in their chosen language. Employers very much value additional language skills and students who can demonstrate an understanding of different cultures and backgrounds will be in a strong position upon graduation’’.


Worldwise Learning Centre Manager Sofia Anysiadou said “Learning a language benefits your life in so many ways.  The biggest advantage is being able to communicate with more people and build better relationships with them. The Worldwise Centre is here to help you by offering a variety of opportunities to learn another language and practice speaking with native speakers as well as a wealth of online language learning resources’’.


Take a look at the list of resources available below and all the key contact information should you require further information:

Conversation Classes

A unique opportunity to practice your language skills via fun and interactive activities with our native-speaking Language Assistants.

You can practise your speaking skills in a range of languages by joining our regular, online conversation classes facilitated by a native-speaking language assistant. Conversation classes take place weekly during term-time and are available in several languages and levels including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Who is this for?

Are you learning a language at UCLan as a Degree, as an Elective /Certificate, via Rosetta Stone or self-study? Then, the conversation classes are a fun way to practice your speaking skills with the help of our language assistants.


How can I join the classes?

Join our Language Assistants on Microsoft Teams using your mobile, tablet or PC.

Join your preferred Conversation Classes on MSTeams directly with your UCLan email and the respective code:

Arabic: 7841gaf

French: rbx40v0

German: a5oll6r

Italian: 8jr07rr

Japanese: y8aa6gb

Korean: 31nzpl6

Russian: wt2skj0

Spanish: yr8ok0g

Chinese Corner: ewgof2d

Check out the Worldwise Conversation Classes group on Facebook for all the latest updates here . Get in touch with the Worldwise Centre via email  or call 01772893155 if you have any questions.

Spanish classes start in January 2021

Learning a language opens up a world of opportunities. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers and one of the top languages the UK needs most post-Brexit.

Whether you want to boost your job prospects or explore the rich Hispanic culture, we have the course for you! Registration is now open, so don’t miss the opportunity!

About the Classes

Classes start on w/c 25 January 2021. They will take place every week, on Tuesday and Thursday 5-7pm, online via TEAMS. This is an intensive part-time course (4 hours per week) but no prior knowledge is required.

Language learning tools and resources will be available for you to access online, such as Rosetta Stone, and the opportunity to practice your speaking skills outside the class with the help of a native speaking Language Assistant.

How Do I Register?

Are you short of credits? Then you can take it as an Elective, that is part of your Degree. It is worth 20 credits (at no extra cost) and you can enrol online at  or via MyUCLan under Student Services>Online Electives. Search for the module by entering the code AL1103 (sem2). If you have trouble enrolling online you can contact our expert team in the C&T Hub

If you are not eligible to take the language class as an Elective, contact us for alternative study options via email  or call 01772893155.

Learn a new language in your own time, at your own pace

Worldwise Languages with Rosetta Stone

With 24 languages to choose from, the Worldwise Learning Centre has a learning route to suit you! Languages on offer include Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese and many more!

We offer regular online workshops to join our FREE language learning programme with Rosetta Stone. Introductory workshops run weekly and registration is open throughout the year. The next available workshops can be found on our Team.



A wealth of resources available in the Worldwise Centre and online

You can find a wealth of resources in the Worldwise Centre and its Team including lists of foreign language movies to watch online via Kanopy and BOB, easy readers, podcasts and free language learning resources and apps. Keep checking as this space gets regularly updated.  You can join by clicking the link here or by using your UCLan credentials and code 94icmns

Having trouble accessing MSTeams? Check out digital hub here:  or contact us.


About the Worldwise Centre

The Worldwise Centre is an international hub at the heart of UCLan.  It offers advice and support to anybody interested in world languages and cultures, travelling, working or studying abroad. The Worldwise Centre offers a vast range of opportunities to learn another language, improve your knowledge about world cultures and master your cross-cultural skills. The Centre’s facilities, resources, courses, and events are available to all UCLan students, staff and the wider community of the North West of England. 


Contact Us


Tel: 01772 893155

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