Crime Support Contacts - Why, Who and How?

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Lancashire Police have shared some important contacts for those experiencing Hate Crime, Domestic Abuse and more. You can check out some of the support organisations available below.

Remember, our Advice Centre is also a Hate Crime Reporting Centre, and if you have any concerns or queries about getting in touch with the services below, the team can assist you with complete confidentiality. You can find out more here.

Sexual violence
Sexual violence can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, background or sexual orientation. Lancashire Victim Services (LVS) offer specialist emotional support and practical help to anyone affected. The team are on hand to offer support and guidance, even if the crime has not been reported to the police. Independent Sexual Violence Advisers can offer advice and practical help to ensure anyone affected is safe, support people through the criminal justice process and offer support at any related appointments. LVS' phone lines and online chat are open but the service can also provide access to a range of self-help resources for anyone that doesn’t quite feel ready to talk about what has happened. The team will work with anyone affected at their own pace and find the best way forward together. Anyone in need of support can get in touch by calling 0300 323 0085, by using the online chat at or by emailing

Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse services and refuges across the county also remain open and ready to offer support. Lockdown instructions as a result of COVID do not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse. Abuse can happen to anyone, at any age, any gender, from any background and sexual orientation. It is never acceptable and you are not to blame if it is happening to you. You can find details of support organisations across Lancashire at

Young Victims of Crime
Specialist support for young victims of crime is available through Nest Lancashire. The team can support children and young people aged 8 to 18 affected by any type of crime. Young people or anyone wishing to find out more can contact the service by texting NEST and their number to 60777, by emailing or by calling 0300 111 0323. To find out more about the services please visit   

Hate Crime
Anyone affected by hate crime can contact Lancashire Victim Services. Attacking someone, simply because of who they are is never acceptable and can have a long lasting impact on those affected. If you have experienced hate crime you can find out more about the support available at You can also chat online at, call 0300 323 0085 or email

All crime types
Lancashire Victim Services can offer emotional support and practical help following any type of crime. The team will talk to you to assess your needs and can help with safety planning, emotional wellbeing and information to help you to move forward from what has happened to you. Find out more or chat online at, call 0300 323 0085 or email

Blackpool domestic abuse survey
The Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales is currently looking to hear from victims and survivors of domestic abuse from the Blackpool area. If you have previously used or considered using a local domestic abuse service you can support the Commissioner's work by completing the survey about your experience at



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