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1 min read Congratulations to this year’s society scoreboard champions!

Society Scoreboard Graphic

This year’s society scoreboard champions are The Chinese Society! Congratulations to the group’s committee and all those involved in the society.

Chinese Society LogoChinese Society's first meeting Zoom screenshots

So, what is the Society Scoreboard?


The society scoreboard is an awards recognition scheme designed and implemented by your Vice President Activities Sophie.

It aims to recognise clubs and societies for completing tasks to help empower student leaders and for the betterment of the group. You can be recognised as GOOD, WONDERFUL or EXTRAORDINARY!

Congratulations to this years’ winners, the Chinese society who will receive £50 towards their club!!

 Sophie said:

‘I am so proud of all the groups that have gone above and beyond to participate in online activity throughout such a challenging year and the efforts of all volunteer leaders should be recognised. It has been a pleasure to work with and support the Chinese Society on a range of events and I wish them the absolute best in the future.’


How can my club/society get involved?


You can check out the society of the semester here, and download guidance for how to get your student-led group on the scoreboard here!


Got a question? Get in touch! Email your VP Activities at mailto:suactivities@uclan.ac.uk.


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