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Academic Appeals Update

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We are currently aware of a significant backlog of student appeals across a number of schools. These are occasions when students have made an appeal against an academic decision, which can impact on their course progression. Normally these appeals are based around mitigating circumstances that have affected the student’s ability to perform at their best level during their exam or assessment.


We know from our research that students appreciate clear and considered communication when dealing with the University. Some students, particularly in the Medical School, have not heard about their appeals and where these are up to. This puts them in a difficult position as they are unable to progress with their studies until the outcome of their appeal is decided. UCLan students have paid a lot of money for their course and need to have clarity as quickly as possible.


The regulations state that if the Chair of the First Stage Appeal considers that there are valid grounds for appeal, a hearing with the student will be arranged, normally within 10 working days of receipt of the request for appeal. We are aware that it has been longer than 10 working days for some students.


The University have been quick to respond to our concerns and we have meetings booked in with senior leaders within the University to talk through this backlog. We are keen to ensure all appeal requests are dealt with in a timely manner, to offer reassurance and clarity to students.


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