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A Day in the Life of A Medical Student

A blog written by third year medical student, Aman Sahoo, describing their typical day, along with notes about their current campaigns involving campaigning for a between campus shuttle bus and campaigning for extended library hours

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A blog written by third year medical student, Aman Sahoo, describing their typical day, along with a few notes about their current campaigns involving campaigning for a between campus shuttle bus and campaigning for extended library hours.


A Day in the Life of A Medical Student: Aman Sahoo


Hello there! I'm Aman Sahoo, a dedicated medical student navigating the demanding but fulfilling life of studying medicine in Preston! Let me take you through a typical day in my life, filled with challenges, triumphs, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.


My week is divided into two distinct types of days – the campus day, which happens once a week, and placement days, which take up the rest of the week. Specifically, every Friday serves as my campus day, an interval wherein I actively engage in classes at Burnley campus from 9 am to 5 pm. The remaining days are conscientiously dedicated to placements, alternating between the Royal Blackburn Hospital, Burnley General Teaching Hospital, and, for an extensive period of 12 weeks, diverse locations encompassing general practices and third-sector institutions.

The journey begins early, with a 6 am wake-up call to catch the 7 am public transport. While en route to placements, I efficiently answer work emails, manage my responsibilities as the President of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and fulfil various roles within different societies. I also seize the morning hours for some productive study sessions.

Placement days typically involve two shifts, concluding by 4 pm. If I have an evening shift my day extends until 8 pm. On campus days, my day ends at 5 pm. Placements are also where I find the most joy. Connecting with patients, I recently encountered a case with a complex medical history. Taking blood samples, a routine yet crucial skill, became an opportunity to reassure an anxious patient. These moments, addressing fears, establishing trust, and contributing to a patient's well-being, define the fulfilling essence of my medical education. It's not just about mastering skills; it's about making a positive impact in the lives entrusted to our care.


The journey back home from placements or class, lasting 60 to 90 minutes, is my downtime – a time to decompress and not think about anything too productive. However, I still manage to squeeze in more studying during the commute.

After a quick shower and meal, my evenings are split between the gym and the library. I hit the gym until 8 pm, followed by a dedicated 4-hour study session in the library. When it comes to studying, I really prefer the library. Even though home is comfy, the library is like a special place for learning. There are no distractions like at home, so I can really concentrate on my studies. The library has lots of helpful resources, it's quiet, and being around other students creates a good vibe that helps me focus better and be more productive. But in a few months, the library will close at 10 pm, cutting my study time short.


The struggle intensifies when it comes to traveling to Burnley. Train timings are not always convenient, and a group of 20-30 of us catch a train from Preston to Burnley, which is not only expensive but also time sensitive. The returning train at 5:05 pm puts us in a rush to make it on time, or else we face a considerable wait for the next one. A shuttle bus from the University to Burnley, even if ticketed, would greatly benefit us.

A university shuttle service offers multiple advantages for students. Firstly, it ensures reliable and scheduled transportation, eliminating the uncertainties of public transit and promoting punctuality. Preventing rescheduling of classes which happens whenever there is a train strike. Secondly, it fosters a sense of community amongst students sharing the same route, encouraging collaboration and academic discussions. Additionally, the shared experience enhances the overall sense of belonging. Moreover, a university shuttle service alleviates financial burdens, providing a cost-effective alternative and ensuring accessibility to educational facilities and activities. In essence, beyond convenience, the shuttle service contributes to a positive and supportive educational experience, promoting community, punctuality, and financial accessibility.


Now, let me introduce two Big Ideas that could significantly improve the life of medical students like me. Firstly, there's a proposal to extend library hours beyond 10 pm. Imagine the potential for focused studying if we had a few more hours each day! Secondly, the idea of a shuttle bus to Burnley would make our commute much more convenient, ensuring we don't have to rely on the often-inconvenient train schedule.

To make these ideas a reality, I need your support. I've submitted these proposals, and I require 50 votes for each to push them through. Your vote could make a significant difference in the lives of medical students like me, striving to balance academics, responsibilities, and personal well-being.

In conclusion, my day as a medical student is a juggling act, filled with challenges and triumphs. With your support, the implementation of a shuttle bus to Burnley and the extension of library hours will not only ease our daily struggles but also contribute to a more conducive learning environment for all. Let's make this happen together!

You can view and vote on Aman's big ideas here:

Between campus shuttle bus

Extended library hours 




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