We have several locations that might suit food vendors, stalls, exhibitions and events all year round. Prices vary depending on requirements (space, staffing, support). Guide prices listed below based on five hours hire on a weekday.


£100 - £300

Foyer Image

St. Peter's Square

Stall - £100, Exclusive Hire £500 - £1500 depending on space requirement

St Peters Square
Cafe Image

Union Cafe

£200 - £600

SU Bar

£250 - £750

SU Bar

Beer Garden

£150 - £450

Beer Garden
Club Bar

Club Bar

From £500 – Only suitable for events and exhibitions. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

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The Students’ Union has many opportunities for local and national businesses to increase their brand awareness through sponsorship of events and activities, or in some cases supporting specific Sports Clubs or Societies.

Some examples of the events and activities that we hold each year are:

Whether you’re interested in sponsoring an entire event or an individual award, there are plenty of opportunities to suit your business needs as well as your budget.

Poster Sites

Poster Sites

Posters can be a highly effective means of advertising and promoting a product, service or event. We have 32 dedicated poster sites available for brand advertising spread across our campus. As well as having multiple poster sites in our Students’ Union building, notably next to our cafe and in our restaurant, we have them situated in each academic school in highly visible spots, gaining your business as much exposure as possible. It’s a great way of reaching the thousands of students who pass through our building and their schools every week.

We have a selection of sizes and prices to suit your brand and budget, take a look below.




Every year we hold over 100 hundred events, for over 37,000 students, each being a perfect opportunity to promote and flyer for your business. Along with these, we have flyer stands located in prominent areas of our building, such as next to our Welcome Point and our social spaces, which hundreds of students utilise and pass through every day.

We have three packages available, each to suit the needs and budget of your advertisements. Depending of which package you choose, the prices of our Gold and Silver packages includes dedicated hours of our staff engaging with students, personally handing out your flyers and speaking to students about your business with any information you have provided to us. Including distribution on a personal level in your communications plan can boost your engagement significantly and ensure that your target demographic are seeing your advertisements.

Please note that if choosing our Bronze package, your flyers will be placed in a highly visible area of an event and our building, however, our staff won’t be available to hand them out personally to students.

Flyering Image

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